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Mini Trampoline Reviews

Mini Trampoline Reviews

Have you been carrying out your trampoline exercises often? And want to buy an effective mini trampoline to work out. Here are some mini trampoline reviews which will help you make a judgment call.
Fatima Rangwala
The thought of jumping on a trampoline reminds us the defying gravity for a few milliseconds and puts a smile upon our face. If you think that trampolines are only for kids, then that's incorrect. For kids it's a toy, but for adults they can be used for physical exercises and daily workouts. Trampoline exercises have the biggest and the most effective benefit on the lymphatic system. Also, trampolines provide a healthy cardiovascular exercise that allows a minimal amount of strain on the weight bearing joints. Trampolines are usually held as a high regard amongst the respected health professionals. They come in different shapes and sizes. A mini trampoline workout has a lesser rebound and are very comfortable to exercise on. They have a diameter not more than a meter and thus can accommodate in the house as well.

Reviews on Mini Trampoline

Mini trampolines fold up easily, are very portable and easy to store. It's sometimes called a rebounder and are 3-4 feet in diameter and about nine inches high. They are readily available in any sports store. So whether you want to jump, jog or do some trampoline tricks, they can be used anywhere comfortably, to do a variety of different workouts. Take a look at these best-selling ones.

Crescendo 80110 Mini Jump Trampoline
This is a small-sized single exercise trampoline available in black color, which could be used anywhere to set up virtually. It measures 36'' in diameter x 8'' high and weighs 15.5 lbs, has detachable legs for an easy storage and comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. This miniature trampoline builds your endurance and provides a vivid cardio workout with effective results. By using this device, you can tone your body muscles and stimulate your immune system in as little as 15 minutes. You can watch TV or listen to your iPod simultaneously as you jump, jog or bounce to maintain a good health and a fit body.

Bravo Sports Mini-Trampoline
This mini trampoline is a 38'' high-intensity and a low-impact workout device. It has a reliable large rubber feet extending superior stability. A rust resistant frame and materials used are durable in all weathers. This model comes in blue color and has high-performance elasticated webbing bands and a jumping mat which is made of polypropylene rendering a unique bouncing effect. The materials and steel frames hold a 2 years warranty.

Stamina 4-Way Folding Trampoline
This is a workout device which is 38'' in diameter and has a new innovative folding type of a design. Very portable and easy to store. This rebounding trampoline is extremely comfortable to use at home or a limited workout space as it is convenient and compact. It has detachable rubber support legs which makes the Stamina 4-way mini trampoline to fold half in half which in turn forms a compact 22.6 x 16 x 16 inch triangle. Such a small piece of device undoubtedly could fit into a duffel bag for an effective storage or transport. People perform mini trampoline exercises for a low impact cardiovascular workout which progressively helps to keep your body fit. Extolling more to this product, this 4-way exerciser has a rugged steel construction, frame covered with vinyls and resistance springs to prevent your feet from any sort of damage while you exercise. It is recommended to use it at least thrice a week to maintain an overall health.

The Original Folding Trampoline
This is a trampoline for kids. It sizes 33'' square x 32'' high (floor to handle). It is also known as a junior trampoline and has soft, easy clenching handles with removable covers. It has a durable weatherproof mat and a tubular frame made of steel which has a lasting coat finish on it. This device is extra safe with all necessary padding on the frame and handle. A good encouragement for the children who usually love to jump on the trampoline, this folding device would render all the fun and essential exercises. This trampoline is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purpose.

Stamina In Tone Jogger Mini Trampoline
This 38'' diameter x 9 meter high rugged steel frame construction has an excellent polypropylene rebounding surface and a padded handlebar to make your exercises easier and effective. This device is affordable, compact and a sporty way to get low impact aerobic exercises at home or outdoor. This InTone Jogger trampoline features in toning your legs and abs, buttocks and back, increases the metabolism in the body and helps in a cardiovascular fitness. Such aspects livens up your spirit and creates fresh energy in you. The InTone Jogger adds a different flavor to your usual boring aerobic exercises and you can even release the handlebar, if you wish to bounce on the mat. Using this device effective results are seen in a few weeks.

Uses of Mini Trampolines

After reading all the reviews, you may want to know, in which fields do these different size and shaped devices play a role.
  1. Used in the research and treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as rebounding effect is an effective way to stimulate the autonomic nervous system.
  2. NASA uses mini trampolines as a part of their rehabilitation program. Astronauts after spending weeks in weightlessness are rehabilitated using such devices.
  3. By exercising on these trampolines, an increase in the lymphatic flow is seen 30 times when compared to the rest. This is due to the rebounding action which increases the lymph fluid flow in the entire body. An efficient immune system is known to get developed under this activity.
Safety Tips

There are a few trampoline safety tips you need to remember.
  • While jumping and performing activities on this exerciser, the placement of the apparatus should be kept in an area where there is enough space. Either over your head or around you, because you don't want to bang your head or hands on the ceiling or any walls around you, whilst you jump.
  • Some people prefer to carry out the exercises without their shoes. It's preferable if you wear proper sport shoes, so that you can maintain a firm grip on the surface.
  • The most important safety is try to jump at the center of the trampoline. Try not to overlook at this point, as there have been many trampoline accidents which have taken place amongst the adults and kids. The extreme edges can be risky and tricky and can rupture the sheet anytime.
From these reviews, you might have made up your mind already, as to which one you would buy, the next time you go for sports shopping. It's highly recommended that adults beginning with workouts should start with a casual warm up exercise like, jogging, bouncing, walking and then gradually increase their level to forty minutes per day. If you do it all at one time, you would feel exhausted and tired. Keep an iPod or a television remote at hand, if you wish to kill time during the workout. Also as you read above, for kids too, using these mini trampolines are a natural way to exercise to keep them healthy and happy. They anyway love to jump on beds, so might as well be trampolines.