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Try These Extremely Fun Picnic Games for Adults

Picnic Games for Adults
Has it been long since you have been on a picnic with friends? Without waiting any further, start planning a trip to your favorite picnic spot. And don't forget to organize fun games this time. For help on finding picnic games for adults, read on.
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Such couch potatoes we have become. Even if we have free time, we prefer spending it in front of the television or surfing the Internet. Is this recreation? To some extent, yes, but aren't there other means to have fun? "There are so many other ways...", I could almost hear you saying, " fun games, picnics, sports and more!" So how about planning a picnic with friends this weekend? Get started then. Decide where to go and when and also start planning games for the picnic.
This article should help you with the same - picnic games. Go through our list of picnic games for adults, pick the ones you like and prove to yourself that age is no bar for fun and play! Who said it is? So, here you go.
Longest, Strongest, Fastest
This category of picnic games can include races and minute-to-win-it kind of games. Go back to the good old childhood days and bring back the fun you had then. Remember that sack race you had won? Or the three-legged race you lost only because your partner was slow? When's the last time you had blown balloons? At your kid's birthday party? Remember how you used to gorge on your favorite food when you were a kid? How about an eating contest to test how much you can eat now and how fast!
Competitions as picnic games for adults
Organize fun competitions or races like these for the picnic and enjoy being a child again.
You have options like these.
  • Balloon blowing (who blows the maximum)
  • Hula hooping (who keeps it hooping for the longest time)
  • Rope skipping (who does the highest number of jumps)
  • Discus throw (whose goes the farthest)
  • Pie eating contest
The various races you can conduct include:
  • Running
  • Sack race
  • Three-legged race
  • Hurdles race
  • Book balancing (who walks the distance balancing a book on his head, without letting it fall)
You could conduct costume and make up contests in which each participant is supposed to dress up like a particular cartoon character or celebrity in the given time. The one who finishes first is the winner. These games would require you to take the costumes and makeup to the picnic spot though. So this one's an option if you are going on a short trip to a spot close by.
Outdoor Sports for Adults
This category includes team sports and fun games you can play outdoors. You could choose any of these outdoor team games considering the availability of space and time. Check what the picnic spot has to offer. Does it have a swimming pool facility? Then you could think of pool games like mini water polo and balloon fights in water or even swimming. If you are traveling to a resort, check for the sports facilities it has. If they arrange for sports equipment for you, you would not have to carry it. If you are to carry the gear, choose sports which won't need you to carry bulky equipment. For example, if they have a net and a ground, all you require to carry is a ball. If they have a ground with goal posts, you could consider playing football. For a sport like golf, you would need the picnic spot to have a golf course.
Sports at a picnic
Organize outdoor games for the picnic and have a 'sporty' time.
Sports can include:
  • Football
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Frisbee
  • Golf
Who wouldn't like going on a beach? Yes, building sand castles, strolling on the shore, basking in the sun and playing in water are favorites among things to do on a beach vacation. But then if you plan to include some games for your picnic, you have options like:
  • Beach volleyball
  • Frisbee on the beach
  • Golf (make a little golf course in the sand)
  • Musical chair (make little pits in the sand for the chairs)
  • Treasure hunt (the hints and the treasure hidden in the sand!)
  • Art contests (the sand, your canvas)
Just for Fun
This category includes fun games and team activities you can play for picnics and parties alike. Not all of them are games per se, but they promise fun. Entertainers, for example - an activity where each participant gets a chance to do something to entertain the group. Dance, sing, mimic, do stand up comedy, do anything to entertain! A Fun Questions session to start off or a Riddles and Jokes session somewhere in between two games, in the afternoons or at night are great activities for a picnic. Karaoke or a Jam session are other great ideas of activities for a picnic.
Fun games at a picnic
Choose quizzing if you like or play guess games. Or just sing and dance along and fill your picnic time with some entertainment.
Other fun picnic games for adults include:
  • Balloon-tossing (participants toss balloons using the chin or the head, not hands)
  • Simon Says (a variant of the original kids' game, get naughty with the instructions!)
  • Shape-up (two teams, one facilitator; he shouts out a number or a letter of the alphabet and teams quickly stand in the shape of what is announced)
  • Guess Who (each participant is tagged with a famous personality name that's stuck to his back, he guesses who he is by asking questions)
Now wasn't that a good number of picnic games for you? Picnics are real breathers in the busy life of today. So plan a picnic to some exciting place, choose some good games to play at the picnic and have fun.