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Harmlessly Cool Pranks for Kids That are Pure Gold

Pranks for Kids
Pranks are something that may or may not go down well with everyone. But for the person playing them, they're always fun!
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018
When it comes to mischief, the first name(s) that come to mind are those of Fred and George Weasley from the Harry Potter series. These twins definitely brought mischief back with a bang, literally and figuratively. Not only did they bring it back, they took it to a level that will be quite difficult to surpass. Nevertheless, we have lined up for you 20 great pranks that kids can play on their innocent, unsuspecting victims. Or, adults can play them on kids, just to have a few laughs. Read them, play them, and let us know how they went! Good luck.

* The pranks in this article are mentioned solely for entertainment purposes. Attempt them at your own risk.
Let's Talk Money!
What you'll need:
A spare coin
Super glue

What to do: You can pull this prank at home, in school, or even on the street! Just use the super glue to stick the coin on the ground. Watch as people try to pick it up and their sheepish looks when they can't.
Salty Cereal
What you'll need:
A sleepy sibling
Sibling's cereal bowl

What to do: This is an easy prank and you can use it when your brother or sister is sleepy at breakfast. Slip some salt into his/her cereal bowl and watch the fun!
Blood Bath
What you'll need:
Tissue paper
Tomato ketchup

What to do: Put a spoonful of tomato ketchup in your mouth. Go in front of someone and have a fake coughing fit, covering your mouth with the tissue. Watch as they cringe in fright looking at the blood-smeared tissue!
Go Home, You're Drunk
What you'll need:
One sleeping person

What to do: If you come across someone who's sleeping, write the word 'DRUNK!' on their forehead with a marker.
Time Turner
What you'll need:
As many watches, alarm clocks and clocks as you can find

What to do: Change the time on all the clocks in the house to a different one, except one (so you know what the actual time is).
This is the Way We Color Our Teeth
What you'll need:
Food color of choice
Toothbrushes of prospective victims

What to do: Put food color on everyone's toothbrush in your family. Their teeth will get colored when they brush.
Mind Your Language
What you'll need:
Victim's cell phone
Paper and pen (just in case)

What to do: Change the language on your victim's cel phone. Tip: Write down the steps on the paper so you know how to switch it back.
Cereal, on the Rocks
What you'll need:
Bowl of water
Sleepy sibling

What to do: Fill a bowl with three quarters of water and freeze it overnight. The next morning, cover the ice in the bowl with some cereal and serve breakfast 'on the rocks' to your grumpy sibling.
What you'll need:
Some water

What to do: Wet your hands with some water and pretend to sneeze. Swing your hand while doing so and sprinkle the drops of water all around! Eyuck!
Ewwww! What's that?!
What you'll need:
An unsuspecting friend facing you

What to do: Look at your friend and go, 'Ewwww! What's that hanging down your nose!' Your friend is bound to scamper to the nearest loo to wash his/her face!
Fake It!
What you'll need:
Choice of fake creepy-crawlies
Sibling's lunch box

What to do: Once your lunches are packed and your sibling is away from it for a couple of minutes, just place the fake bug into the bag/box. Be prepared for the wrath in the evening.
What you'll need:
Whoopee cushion

What to do: Just place the whoopee cushion under your victim's pillow and watch as he or she jumps back after laying his or her head on the pillow!
The Milk is Blue!
What you'll need:
Milk in a non-transparent container
Blue food color

What to do: Early in the morning, sneak into the kitchen and add a bit of the food color into the milk. Imagine your mum's shock when she sees blue milk coming out of the container!
Good Morning Sunshine!
What you'll need:
Saturday morning
A good night's sleep on Friday
An alarm clock
Loud and clear voice

What to do: Make sure you go to bed early on Friday night. Set the alarm for an unearthly 4:30 am on Saturday. Wake up, freshen up and run around waking up everyone by screaming 'Good Morning Sunshine!' at the top of your voice.
Knock! Knock!
What you'll need:
A sleeping sibling in a room with a window

What to do: Once your sibling is fast asleep at night, go outside and tap, scratch and knock on the window of his or her room and run back into the house.
Worm Welcome
What you'll need:
Gummy worms in dark colors
An ice tray

What to do: Place a gummy worm in each compartment of the ice tray. Fill the ice tray with water and freeze. When someone asks for ice, give them the worm-filled ice cubes and watch as they freak out!
Frozen Computer
What you'll need:

What to do: When either of your parents is working on the computer and they leave it for a few minutes, take a screenshot of the computer and leave the image open. When they get back and tries to work, they'll first freak out thinking the computer is frozen!
What you'll need:
Clear tape
Water tap

What to do: Before you go to sleep, stick some clear tape on the nozzle of the bathroom tap. Be prepared for some irritated yelling when someone wakes up to use the tap in the middle of the night or the next morning.
Fresh Oreos
What you'll need:
White toothpaste
White icing Oreo cookies

What to do: Open a pack of Oreo cookies. Scrape off all the white icing into a bowl (Fine, you can eat it later). Replace the icing with white toothpaste. Offer them to the first person you meet in the house.
Dripping Glasses
What you'll need:
Foam or clear plastic glasses

What to do: At a party or a family gathering, poke holes in some of the foam glasses that will be used to serve drinks. Watch as people wonder why their drink is seeping out of their glasses so quickly!
While playing these or any other pranks for that matter, be careful not to hurt anyone's sentiments. Go on, get some mischief managed!
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