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Pranks for School That are a Little Devilish, But Quite Ludicrous

Pranks for School
Everyone loves playing pranks on unsuspecting people. School days are littered with such incidents, and this article will give you a crash course on some pranks for school that you can play on your friends.
Rahul Thadani
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
School holds a lot of fond memories for many people, but for many others it represents a somewhat dark period in their lives where they were subjected to a number of disturbing and sometimes hilarious pranks. To be constantly troubled and by seniors is a very common occurrence, and very few people can truthfully say that they have never been through this. Pranks can range from the simple and the elementary, right to the completely ludicrous. The best part about them is that there are just so many of them, and almost anyone can be subjected to them.
The kind of lives we lead at high school, and even junior high for that matter, goes a long way in determining the kind of people we become later in our lives. Playing a lot of pranks somehow manages to keep our heads sane in the midst of looming deadlines and constant anxiety about the future. But, taking these overboard can sometimes have dire consequences too, as it can land you in a lot of trouble or can sometimes cause some serious damage to your fellow students. You must always remember that you should not cross the line or intentionally aim to cause serious bodily damage to someone. Keep a calm head and try out these easy pranks to keep everyone amused.
Pranks on Fellow Students
Playing pranks on fellow students and inflicting some sort of trouble on them has long been a favorite of school bullies, but with the right spirit it can be a great icebreaker, and can have everyone in splits.
  • Take a person's bag and remove all its contents. Now, turn the bag inside out, put all the contents back in, and zip it back up. This is also known as nuggeting.
  • Another all time favorite is the wet willie. Wet your finger with your saliva and insert it into the ear of an unsuspecting victim. Watch them squirm in discomfort and disgust.
  • Tying someone's shoelaces together or to the leg of a chair is also one of the widely loved pranks.
  • Another way for you to showcase your innovation is by sticking a sign behind an unsuspecting person's back. The sign could say anything, "Kick me" being the most popular choice.
Pranks on a Crowd
School pranks to do take on a whole new meaning when you subject a bunch of people to them. Make sure though that they do not know that you started it, as it might bring some unwanted attention to yourself.
  • In a room full of people, kick some huge bouncing balls around the place. To sweeten things up, wet the balls before you dispatch them.
  • Saran wrap is transparent plastic that is invisible to the unsuspecting eye. Tape it on the toilet, and wait for the next guy to walk out of the washroom with his pants wet.
  • Super glue is a great tool for some pranks to pull off at school. Super glue everyone's locks to their lockers and watch them struggle.
  • If you have any super glue left, use it to glue glasses in the cafeteria to the tables.
  • Place a bag of dog poop or some other smelly substance behind a book in the library. The foul odor will disgust many people.
  • Just before class ends, get out on the hallway and pour soda all over. Everyone's shoes will get unbelievably sticky, proving to be a complete nuisance.
  • At night, make a cow climb some stairs and leave it there. Cows can climb up the stairs, but cannot climb down.
  • One of the coolest pranks for seniors is to release 3 chickens on the school premises, and stick labels on them saying 1, 2, and 4. The authorities will desperately be searching for number 3 by the time you leave.
  • Open a box of tampons, dab some ketchup on them, and scatter them all over the premises.
  • Get a huge granny underwear and smear it with some chocolate. Leave it at a place where everyone will see it in the morning.
  • Keep a bottle of apple juice with you at all times. If the guy next to you falls asleep in class, pour some apple juice on his pants and a little bit on the floor.
  • Without being seen, place a sign saying "Out of order" on the door of the restroom. Alternately, you can also switch the signs between the male and female restrooms.
With a little bit of practice and some innovativeness, you can come up with some new pranks that have never been seen before. Be careful though, as it is easy to get carried away. Ensure that the aim is to be funny, and not to humiliate a person or undermine them.
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