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Rules to Play the 'MASH' Game: The Ultimate Pastime Activity

Rules to Play the 'MASH' Game
Here's a silly pastime game called MASH. No cards, and no boards; all you need is a pen and paper to kill that sudden wave of boredom among your friends. Quickly glance through the instructions to play, and have fun!
Vibhav Gaonkar
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Make it Funny
To make the game more funny and hilarious, include eerie answers; for instance, you could include an option with a decimal under the 'no. of children' category, or include funny things under occupation like 'pet detective', 'snake milker', 'rodeo clowns', etc.
Do you remember those silly games that all of us as kids used to play back in school? Fun games that claimed to predict your fortune, like "tell me your birth date, and I'll tell you something about your future" stuff. Yeah! They were real time killers and made us giggle with every new theory of future we got from our schoolmates.

For MASH, everybody's a kid; you don't necessarily need to be in school to play it. Who's not gonna enjoy fantasizing Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie as their future soulmate, or a million-dollar home in the United States, or a Lamborghini Gallardo as their future ride. MASH would surely entertain you when you and your buddies have got nothing to do.

Grab a notepad and a pen, and take a look at the MASH game rules that we have outlined below.
How to Play the Mash Game
The only thing you have to do in MASH is to form questions or categories regarding your future or your friend's; the more questions you form, the more hilarious the future tale would turn out to be. Let's begin!

► Form Categories

Form a minimum of four categories; the most common ones are marriage (whom will I/you marry?), no. of kids (how many kids will I/you have?), occupation (What would I/you work as?), and vehicle (Which vehicle would I/you own?).
Mash game categories
► M-A-S-H

The fifth category is the name of the game itself―M.A.S.H. It means 'Mansion', 'Apartment', 'Shack', or 'House'. This would typically answer the question 'What will your future home be?'.

► Write the Answers

You can write up to four answers for each category, but they should be in an order such that the first two are the most desired options, the third is an acceptable option, whereas the fourth is the most undesired option. Write them in the arrangement shown in the illustration, beginning with MASH at the top and proceeding further with answers to the other four categories.
Mash game setup
► Choose a Number at Random

Now, choose any single-digit number at random. You could do this by making chits and randomly choosing one. Let's assume that the random number chosen is 6.

► Start Counting

The next step is to begin counting around the paper in a clockwise direction. Start from 'M' of MASH, and count six spaces clockwise. Strike the sixth option that you land on. In this case the sixth option is Brian, so it has been canceled out.
Mash striking out
► Read Your Fortune

Do this until all but one option from each category are struck off. In case you land upon an already-struck option, go ahead and strike the option next to it. The options that remain are your fortune or your friend's. Read it aloud to your friends and have a hearty laugh.
Mash game result
You or your friend (depends on whose future you're telling) would marry Johny, live in a mansion, work as a rodeo clown, own an Audi, and would have a single child.
Mash Game Questions/Categories Suggestions
❑ What will your income be?
❑ Where will you go on your honeymoon?
❑ What pet would you have?
❑ Which part of the world would you live in?
❑ What business would you do?

Use your imagination to create more such questions. When telling your friend's fortune, you could ask him/her for a single answer, and write the others on your own.
All the friends in your group can give it a try and have fun. As the game is so open-ended, you could also try adding your own unique variations. Enjoy!