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Rules to Play the Left Right Center (LCR) Dice Game

Rules to Play the Left Right Center (LCR) Dice Game

The Left Center Right or LCR game is a very popular dice game that was published in 1992 by George & Company LLC, which also owns the right for the same. Take a look at the LCR game rules provided by Plentifun, and start playing.
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The LCR game can also be played using real money in place of chips; this could either be in a gambling sort of way whereby one places bets of considerably higher denominations, or in a playful way by using coins of lesser denomination.

The LCR game being a chance-based game doesn't really have a strategy of any sort, and is played simply with dice and chips. It's a very addicting, and fast-paced game that you surely would enjoy with a group of friends or with your family.

The three dice used in LCR aren't regular dice. Each die has 'L', 'C', and 'R' written on three sides, and three dots on the other three sides. However, the game can also be played using regular dice by previously deciding the sides that would denote each of the three letters. For instance, we could say the letter 'L' would be 1 on each die, 'C' would be 4, and 'R' would be denoted by 6. Another way could be using blank dice and marking L, C, and R on three sides, and dots on the rest.

Following are the rules for the game, so quickly go through them and begin playing LCR.

How to Play the Left Right Center Dice Game

Step 1
Sit in a circular formation, ideally on a table or an open area. Keep ample space in the center; this area would be utilized as a pot to place chips.

Step 2
Distribute 3 chips to every player. To decide the opening player, all players can roll the three dice. The player to have most dots starts the game.

Step 3
The first player must roll the dice to begin playing.

Step 4
There could be four probable outcomes after the dice has been rolled. The dice could either show an L, C, R, or dots.

If any of the dice turns up to be an L, the player gives a chip to the player on the left. If any of the dice turns out to be a C, place one chip in the pot (in the center). Finally, if a dice turns out to be R, give a chip to the player on your right.

Step 5
In case you get one or multiple dots, those many chips stay with you. For instance, if you get an L, an R, and a dot, you give one chip each to the players on the left and right, and one chips stays with you.

Step 6
Roll only those many dice that correspond with the number of chips you have. If you have one chip, roll one, and so on.

Step 7
The best part is that even if you lose all your chips, you don't lose the game. There is a very high chance that a player besides you might give you a chip on his/her respective turn. However, you don't get to roll the die unless you have chips.

Step 8
The game continues till one player dominates and acquires all the chips. This player is the winner, and he/she also gets all the chips from the pot.

If you're playing with money, try not to lose too much. You can ideally play with lesser denominations. Roll the dice and enjoy!