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Rules to Play Polish Horseshoes

Rules to Play Polish Horseshoes

Polish Horseshoes is a great outdoor game to enjoy and bond with friends while getting drunk, if you're camping out in the open. All you need is two ski poles, a Frisbee, two empty beer bottles, and alcohol. Read this Plentifun article to know the rules for playing Polish Horseshoes.
Tanaya Navalkar
Don't Go By The Name!
Yes! Polish Horseshoes doesn't involve horseshoes, neither has it got anything to do with Poland. The game actually uses a frisbee instead of horseshoes. And if you are wondering about the 'Polish' part, the game requires two 'poles' - thus, the name 'Polish (Pole-ish).'
Polish Horseshoes is also called Spanish Horseshoes, Frisbeener in the mid-west, French Darts in Virginia, Beersbee in Canada, Frisnock, Beer Frisbee, and Stickzee. Phew! Call it whatever you like. It is a perfect game for a beach, in the backyard while barbecuing, at the lakeside, or any place outdoors.

It is a great combination of some competitive Frisbee game and alcohol. All you have to do is knock off your opponent's beer bottle with your frisbee. Sounds easy, isn't it? Well, not when you have a beer bottle or alcohol in one hand. Easier said, than done!

So get your shades out, head outdoors, soak up the sun, and get drunk while playing and preparing a barbecue. Check out the rules below to play this game.
How to Play Polish Horseshoes?
The main objective of this game is to knock off the opponent's beer bottle without spilling the beer from the bottle in your hand.
All you will need is...
  • Frisbee
  • Two ski poles or PVC pipes
  • Two empty beer bottles or cans for the poles
  • Beer (or any alcohol)
  • Your bunch of friends who won't mind getting drunk while playing.
  • The height of the poles should be four feet on an average with three inches stuck into the ground.
  • Position the sticks or poles at least 25 feet apart.
  • You need to stand at least three feet away from the pole.
► Divide the players into two teams and decide with a toss as to which team will start first.
► Draw a line to evenly divide the space between the two teams so that no one crosses the line.
► Place a beer bottle or can on each of the poles.
► All the players then stand behind the respective poles with a beer bottle or can in one hand, which makes it obvious that you have to throw as well as catch the Frisbee with just one hand. The game just gets more interesting and challenging as it progresses!
► Each team takes turns with only one of the player throwing the Frisbee at the other team's pole and knocking off the bottle or can. You cannot step in front of the pole while throwing.
► When in the defending side, each player of the team must be attentive so as to catch the Frisbee and/or the beer bottle. It is a team effort. Needless to say, you will have to hold a beer bottle or can in one hand at all times.
► You are not allowed to spill the beer at any point of time.
► The game ends when a team scores 21 points and beats the other team by 2 points.
Drinking and Scoring Points
► Only the team throwing the Frisbee will have a chance to score a point at that particular time.
► You will have to drink for each point you score.
► You will also have to drink if your team doesn't catch the Frisbee, even if, it is within the catching radius.
► You will get 1 point each time your team knocks the bottle off the pole by hitting the 'pole' with the Frisbee.
► If you catch the Frisbee below the knees, it will not be considered as 'catch-able' and no points will be given.
► If the opponent team catches the bottle or Frisbee before it hits the ground, the points become void. If they don't catch it, each player from their team takes a drink.
► Every time a player from your team knocks the bottle off directly with the Frisbee, you will score 3 points. If the opponent team is not able to catch the bottle or Frisbee, they will have to drink three times.
► If your Frisbee knocks the bottle off directly and both hit the ground, then you score 4 points.
► If the weather happens to be windy, and the bottle is knocked off by the wind at any point, it's a social drink, where everyone playing the game gathers and takes a drink.
► The team that loses, will have to drink the remaining beer.
So, these were the basic rules of Polish Horseshoes game. You can modify the rules as per your wish. Creative thoughts will definitely strike you when you get drunk. But do remember to be careful if you are using glass bottles as they will break when knocked off, and yes, drink responsibly!
If you like knocking things over and want to improve your ninja skills, then this game is definitely for you. Okay! May be it was not that funny! This game is fun to play and a great way to spend the whole day outdoors with your equally crazy friends. Just play it for fun, and also, because Polish Horseshoes is an awesome game!