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Want Rules to Play the 'Simon Says' Game? Read This

Rules to Play the 'Simon Says' Game
The phrase "Simon Says" ought to take you back to your preschool days. Have you forgotten how to play the game by any chance? Refresh your memory with Plentifun as this post gives you the 'Simon Says' game rules.
Rucha Phatak
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Simon Who?!
Before it was "Simon says," the phrase used to be "Cicero says." It was a tribute to renowned Roman orator and statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero. In Latin, the phrase is "Cicero dicit fac hoc," which means "Cicero says, do this.
It is hard to tell when Cicero was replaced by Simon in the phrase. However, it is known that it is in reference to 13th-century historical statesman Simon de Montfort. After winning the Battle of Lewes of the Second Barons' War in 1264, his reputation as a commanding authority was established. He imprisoned the King of England, Henry III, and established the first democratic parliament.
Regardless of the origin of the game's phrase, it is one of the most popular games in schools since one can remember. The 'Simon Says' game is ideal for preschoolers as teachers can use it to teach impulse control, the ability to distinguish between valid and invalid commands, concentration, listening skills, and motor skills. Let us see how to play this game.
Follow all the valid instructions to win the game.
You Will Need
► An open space
► One Simon (the controller)
► 3 - 4 gullible followers
1. Get all the players together. Select a player among them to act as Simon.

2. He will stand apart from the group, facing the players.

3. Simon will give a series of commands to the group.

4. Each player from the group needs to follow these commands promptly.

5. If a player fails to carry out the given command, he or she will be eliminated from the game.

6. The game continues until only one player remains. That player is declared as a winner.
Important Rules
★ A command which follows the phrase "Simon Says" is a valid one. For example, "Simon says, clap your hands." All players need to obey this command.

★ A player who does not follow the valid command is eliminated from the game.

★ A command that does not have the phrase 'Simon Says' is an invalid command. So, a player posing as Simon might ask other players to "Jump. Clap your hands. Arms up." However, these commands are not to be followed.

★ A player following such invalid commands is eliminated from the game.

★ Simon cannot give any impossible commands like "Simon says, lift both your legs up at a time!" Players cannot carry out this task, which leads to an elimination.

★ Likewise, Simon cannot give commands in which players do not have any option but to get eliminated. For example, "Simon says, jump up. Come down." In this command, 'jump' is the valid one as it follows the phrase, and 'come down' is the invalid one as it does not follow the phrase. However, it is not physically possible for the players to jump up and stay in the air. They are bound to get down. In such cases, they are eliminated.

Adding Some More Fun
★ The game looks simple enough till you use some tricks to make the game more fun.

★ A large group always helps! Playing this game in a larger group is fun as it is hilarious to see everyone following silly commands. It is always easier for players to hide their mistakes if they do or do not follow certain commands in a bigger group.

★ A player posing as Simon can give a series of complex and confusing commands to trick the players. For instance, an invalid command can immediately follow a valid command to fool the players into doing it.
» For example, "Simon says, swing your arms. Simon says, clap your hands. Stop. (If a player stops, he is out.)
» Another example is, "Simon says, turn around once. Well that wasn't good. Do it again." (If a player turns around again, he is out.)
Why should kids have all the fun?! Grownups can play the game too. Either teach your kid and his friends the game, or play with them. Get your friends together and relive your preschool days. It will surely be a lotta fun!