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6 Scary Things to Do That are Terrifying in an Inspiring Way

Scary Things To Do
Doing scary stuff at night has its own share of thrills! There are a bunch of scary things to do at night that you can employ to successfully achieve the chill factor that you're looking for.
Rahul Thadani
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
If you have a thirst for some spine-chilling and thrilling adventures, there are many scary things to do that can solve that problem, at home or out somewhere. The most obvious thing to do at night would be to simply watch a scary movie, but how about being a little more imaginative about the whole thing? With some careful thought and with the help of some props, there are many activities that can provide you with all the excitement that you're looking for. The whole ordeal really depends on the number of people that are there with you. If you're attempting to pull off some tricks at night when you're alone at home, you probably need to get a new hobby. But if you're having a sleepover, or if you have company, then there are a number of options.

The trick to picking the scariest things to do, is knowing what someone's fear is. Every single person has a specific fear that needs to be identified and played on, if you want spine-chilling things to do at a sleepover. You can pick anyone and play a scary prank on him/her, or everyone can voluntarily involve themselves in a scary activity.
Watch a horror movie
Couple Watching a scary movie
You can watch a really scary movie that can haunt you for days altogether. Japanese or European horror movies are some of the most bloody, gory, horrifying, and vile films you can watch. These are sure to scare you witless.
Tell Ghost Stories
Grandma telling ghost stories
Everyone's heard some ghost story or the other at someplace, and this can really begin to creep you out after a while. Set up the mood for it, switch off the lights, increase the air conditioner, light up a candle in the middle and scare the guts out of your friends by narrating them a spine chilling story.
Ouija board
calling spirits through an ouija board
An Ouija board lets you converse with spirits. Though it can never be claimed if this actually works, it still manages to scare the hell out of most people. The whole setting of talking with the Ouija board is one that induces great fear and discomfort in the mind. And, if something does happen later that convinces you that you were actually talking to spirits, the experience can haunt you for a long time.
Visit a scary place
An old haunted house

Visiting a scary place is a way in which you can involve your friends. An old abandoned house, deep into the woods, or a cemetery should do the trick. The whole atmosphere of the place is spooky and every single sound and movement can startle you and get your heart beating faster.
The Internet
boy shocked by looking at the computer
Now that you have the internet at your disposal, there are so many things you can do at home while surfing. There are scary websites to visit, horror movies to watch, ghost stories you can read, or you can even check out some scary videos.
Scary Tricks on People
boy scaring his brother by putting a torch to his face
You can do is scare a certain individual or a group of individuals. Playing on their fears will give you great potential to scare the living daylight out of someone. Using some props, you can conjure up images and situations that are really horrendous in nature. The most popular thing you can use is fake blood. Scary phone calls are also another option that you can explore. Scary masks and costumes can also be used, but these are just temporary.
This has the potential of scaring just about anybody, and can really torment them for many hours.
When you are playing a prank on someone, remember that it need not have something to do with ghosts or monsters, it can be just about anything. Involving a family member in the routine will also have added effects.

Despite all these, you must keep in mind that some people are more sensitive than others, and more prone to anxiety and panic attacks as a result of these scary things. Don't get too carried away in the moment, or you may end up really scarring someone. Keep it simple, and remember that it should all be done with a spirit of fun, and should promote a feeling of togetherness.
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