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Attention Pranksters! You'll Love These Scary Computer Pranks

Scary Computer Pranks
Scary computer pranks are a great way of fooling your friends, without causing any physical damage. Learn some really cool ideas for playing scary pranks on your friend's PC.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
If you are an absolute computer geek, then you surely must not be new to the concept of computer pranks. These are simple software programs which are designed with an 'innocent' intent of scaring an unsuspecting user out of his wits. However, some people may implement computer programs that may induce damage to the recipient's hard drive or pose a threat to his email account. These are not innocent pranks and often have malicious intention of avenging someone. We shall stay away from such pranks, and keep to those which will only bring out a few harmless laughs.
Scary Computer Pranks
Spooky Wallpaper
scary wallpaper
The simplest way to play a scary computer prank is by setting a scary wallpaper on the computer of your colleague or friend. You do not need any computer program for this. Simply select a scary picture (like the one of Linda Blair from Exorcist) and set it as desktop wallpaper while the victim is away from his PC!
Scary Face
scary wallpaper
Choose a program where a scary face appears on the computer screen after a stipulated time and stays there for at least a few minutes, until your 'victim' has had his share of fright. While you are on the computer, activate the scary prank program and then go back to doing normal stuff on your machine. When you know that the timer is about to go off, call a friend/co-worker to help you with something on your PC. Let your victim operate your PC, while you watch the fun from behind the desk.
Spot the Difference
scared boy
Send an email to your friend with the link of the prank program. Add a subject line such as 'spot the difference: it's fun!' The email consists of two pictures which are exactly alike. Since, the pictures are alike, your friend will find no difference. In his attempt, he might get close to the screen and stare at the pictures with great attention. When he is inches away from the screen, a scary monster appears and screams at him. It would be sometime before your friend recovers from the shock.
Online Tests
There are a few online tests which allow the user to check his auditory senses. Ask the user to keep his speaker volume on high before starting. The user goes on selecting sound levels that are arranged in increasing order. The sound is mostly sweet musical notes. However, as soon as the user clicks the highest level the speaker emits a horrific screeching noise, enough to scare the user out of his wits! (We do not recommend this prank for elderly people or ones with hearing problems).
Click and Watch
computer problem
These practical jokes which are disguised as normal looking computer applications. When the user clicks on the buttons, he is welcomed by messages such as 'Deleting your hard drive in 15 secs' or 'Fatal error: Hard drive crash!' It is definitely scary to watch your hard drive deleted in front of your eyes. Needless to say, this program is definitely going to take the breath away from your poor victim.

Note: Make sure that the scary prank program does no actual harm to the hard drive.
You can just Google to find several links to scary pranks on the Internet. You'll be amused to see pictorial illustrations of hundreds of computer pranks. To send the computer prank programs, just copy paste the link in the email message. If you know a thing or two about computer programming, you can create your own prank programs too!