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20 Things (Rather, Pranks!) to Do When You're Bored in Class

Things to do When You're Bored in Class
No one's getting bored anymore in class. At least not when you have this hilarious list with you. Read it and am sure you and your friends will be sorted with ample of things to do when bored.
Megha Tiwari
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Being bored and having nothing to do, no laughs, or no mischief is the most common feature that is observed when the subject that is being taught in the class is not of interest. Other causes of boredom might include fatigue, stress, or tiredness. But not for the young generation, no.
They are full of energy and they will never get bored because of stress and tension. The only reason they get bored is a boring lecture, looking forward to the weekend, waiting eagerly for the lecture to get over, and the most common reason is the teacher and the way of teaching that is sometimes very monotonous and boring.
Children will be children, and no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to stop them from doing what they want to do. But kids, while doing these pranks, make sure that you do not hurt anyone's emotions, so that your harmless intentions and momentary enjoyment does not become a reason for stress and humiliation for others.
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  • Answer questions asked by the teacher in a very slow motion.
  • Continue asking questions to the teacher, so that he or she is left with no time to give homework.
  • Frequently ask for permission for drinking water or for going to the washroom.
  • Note down all the things that the teacher speaks in the class. Repeat loudly while writing whatever the teacher dictates.
  • Point towards the window and shout out loud, "look, Spider man is here," and when you successfully attract everyone's attention, then just say, "sorry! He went away."
  • Write a funny note and leave it on the teacher's table when the class changes.
  • Keep disturbing the most shy person in the class and continuously distract his attention.
  • Draw a funny face of the teacher, rotate it in the class, and ask everyone to add comments to it.
  • Walk around in the class in a confused manner and ask everyone, "where am I?" and "which is this place?", pretending loss of memory.
  • If the teacher asks for the list of student's name, give a list of funny names assigned for each individual in the class according to their one peculiar trait.
  • Read the book loudly in the class and as soon as the class starts, raise your hand and complain to the teacher that the whole class did not let you read.
  • Take out your sock puppet and start disturbing others and if the teacher asks you, point towards others and tell him that he is not letting you concentrate and troubling you with their sock puppet.
  • Hide your face and make noises of different animals.
  • Paint your body with red dots and tell your teacher that these dots are because you are allergic to school.
  • If the teacher asks, "Do you have any questions?" Ask "how to bunk classes and enjoy life?"
  • Stumble while walking in class and start shouting that you have a terrible pain in your stomach and distract the whole class. After some time accept that you are absolutely fine now.
  • Tell your teacher after every five minutes that someone outside the class is not letting you concentrate and constantly distracting you.
  • Drop something down on the ground, making a loud sound, and stare at someone else whenever the teacher comes.
  • Answer your teacher's question using incorrect English and when the teacher corrects it nod your head as if you understand everything, and start speaking incorrectly again.
  • Change your seat after every two minutes, saying that bugs are troubling you.
It is always exciting to pull a prank on someone, play games with your friends, talk, and hangout, but there are also certain things that can offend or put others in danger. Which is why, do not plan or conduct any activities that will harm you or someone else.
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