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Picnic Games for Large Groups

The More the Merrier! Fun Picnic Games for Large Groups

Whether it is a company picnic or a family get-together, outings with a large group of people are always fun. The following article suggests some interesting and fun picnic games for large groups.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Besides the food and ambiance, if there is one thing that makes picnics memorable, it is the games. These are a great way to get to know someone, and make friends. Games offer plenty an opportunity to bring out the hidden talents of people, especially if they are played in large groups. So, for all those who are planning an outing, and are looking for some unique ideas to have fun, here are a few picnic activities for large groups.
Let's Know Each Other
This icebreaker activity is best suited for large groups, wherein people do not know each other at all. Ask all the group members to stand in a circle. Ask one of them to tell his name, adding a word to it, which he thinks best describes his personality. So, people can tell their names as "Energetic John", "Shy Miley", or "Super-intelligent Gill". When one person tells his name, the person standing next to him has to repeat it before letting out his own. The game continues till each participant gets a chance to introduce himself. Such interesting games are an easy way to introduce people to each other, and get them acquainted.
Let's Create Something Together
There's nothing like fun mixed with creativity. To conduct this activity, divide the group into teams of five or six each. Next, ask the teams to create anything from the materials that are available around the picnic area. The teams get twenty minutes each to look for things, and make something out of them. After that, they have to present before others whatever they have created, and talk about its uses. The teams use things like twigs, plants, stones, furniture (if the picnic is in some hall), pieces of clothing that they are wearing, etc., and then come up with some unique "products" of their own. By working together in such team-building games, large groups get a lot of time to bond with each other.
Arty, Are We?
Games which involve art can be a lot of fun too. However, this will require you to carry some materials along, such as plain charts, markers, and painting colors. To play this game, divide the group into a number of teams of five each, and provide each team with the materials. Give the teams a topic like "market place", "Christmas", or "hill station". The teams have to draw a picture based on the topic. However the twist is that only one person can draw at a time, and the team members are not allowed to talk or discuss things with each other. Every time you whistle, the person who is drawing stops, and another one from the team takes over. When the team members do not get to discuss things with each other, it can become very difficult to guess what the previous person intended to draw. At the end of the activity, the team which comes up with the most attractive piece of art is declared the winner.
Some Other Ideas
There are a host of outdoor picnic games which you can consider, to make it a fun experience for everybody. One of the most popular games is Tug of War. In this game, two teams hold a single rope, and try to pull each other towards their side. Treasure Hunt, Charades, Relay Race, Singing or Dancing Competitions, etc., are some other physical activities and games that you can include in your picnic schedule, especially if children are also present.
Here's hoping that you enjoy playing these games, and make newer acquaintances. So, include a few of these in your plans, and enjoy the laughter and fun riot.