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Engrossing Things to Do With Your Best Friends on a Rainy Day

Things To Do with Friends on a Rainy Day
Though the monsoons can make quite boring, there are some fun things to help you enjoy such days thoroughly. To have an exciting and fun filled day during this season, read this article on things to do with friends on a rainy day.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Most people, regardless of age, enjoy the rains, as it brings with it a pleasant and cool climate. However, though you may enjoy watching the rains for sometime, it can make you feel bored, as you are stuck at home with nothing to do. Many people may also have to cancel out their plans due to untimely occurrence of the rains. Though this can be quite frustrating, you do not have to be dejected, as there are still several interesting things to do with friends on a rainy day. So, this article presents to you some of these activities with which you can turn a boring day to a truly happening one.
Fun-filled Monsoon Activities
Fun Outdoor Activities
Though it is raining outside, there is nothing stopping you and your friends from going to a mall. Shopping is one of the best things that you can do on a rainy day, especially if you have an all-girls gang. Another idea will be to go to the nearby multiplex and watch the latest movie that you were planning for a long time. Other places that you can visit are museums, bowling alley, etc., according to your interests.
Indoor Games
Now, people who do not like the idea of getting wet when it is raining very heavily, just call up your close buddies home and have a blast. If you love playing basketball, create a basketball court in your home and enjoy playing. However, as there is a risk of one of you breaking the furniture, it will be really good if you stick to some interesting board games, like Scrabble, monopoly, card games, or video games. Arranging a scavenger hunt at your home is also one of the fun activities.
Watch a Movie
If you and your friends are not able to go out to watch a movie, how about having a film festival at home? Ask all your buddies to bring their favorite DVDs, and watch all of them back-to-back. Creating an ambiance of a movie theater by dimming the lights will make the whole thing even more exciting. A big bowl of popcorn and glasses of soft drinks will complete the movie experience.
Arrange a Play
If you want a creative idea, how about arranging a play at home itself? You can either choose a popular play or create a new play together. Though you can select whichever type of play you like, making a humorous play will surely add to the fun. Design costumes for each character with the help of clothes from your wardrobe and present this play in front of your family. You can also record the performance on a video camera and upload it on your blog or some website.
Have a Picnic
Now, who said that a picnic can be fun only under the big blue sky? Rather, you can actually have a really fun picnic at your home itself. Create the atmosphere of a picnic in your living room by spreading some mats, quilts and cushions on the floor. Keeping some plants around the room will also be great to complete the effect. Make some chocolate chip cookies as well as hot chocolate and enjoy your picnic with the sound of heavy rainfall in the background.
Party Time
Having a party at home is also one of the really fun things to do. Make sure that you have enough food at home before you call on your friends. Download some great party music or songs from the Internet and copy it into a CD. Convert any part of your house, either your living room or your bedroom into a disco and dance the whole evening.
Apart from these activities, one of the best ideas is to play in the rain. People who love to get wet and do not mind getting a little dirty will definitely enjoy this rain party. These are just some of the things to do on a rainy day, and you, along with your friends, can come up with much more interesting ones. So, the next time it rains, do not lower your spirits, just call up your friends and enjoy!
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