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Trampoline Accidents

Trampoline Accidents

The number of trampoline accidents are alarming and makes you think if it is possible to avoid them. Read on to know more about some general information about trampoline injuries and safety tips.
Shrinivas Kanade
There is a growing concern over the number of accidents related to trampoline, as a majority of the victims are kids. A skilled user can exploit it to do different kinds of stunts while exercising. The tricks need an individual to possess coordination of the muscles, and a fine sense of balance as well as that of timing, to pull off some spectacular stunts.

Trampoline Related Injuries
The problem arises when an inexperienced child tries to experiment and show off. Even for a skilled person, a moments inattention or a fractionally imbalanced posture at the time of jumping may result in crashing onto the ground, supports or the metal parts of the equipment.

There are also instances in which the offending structure was the wall of the enclosure where the trampoline was kept. Moreover, landing in an awkward position can also lead to serious injuries. When this happens, simple exercises may turn into a disaster. If one is lucky, he may get away with minor injuries.

Accident Statistics
Recent statistics have prompted some pediatricians to raise concern over its use. The statistics compiled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), shows that, in 2004, 89,000 individuals needed to go to the emergency room to get injuries treated. Of these, almost 60 - 65 percent of the victims were children under 14 years of age. The injuries treated ranged from minor things such as bumps, scrapes, and bruises, to serious ones involving strains, sprains, deep cuts, and fractures of the bones. Some of these victims also suffered severe injuries, such as broken bones, concussion, and injuries to the spine and head.

Accidents statistics for 1990-99 reveal that the 11 people lost their lives to these accidents, and 6 of them were in their teens. Most of these resulted when the victim tried to do tricky things such as a somersault or something similar.

Safety Tips
Failure to follow safety standards contributes to the accidents, especially when multiple users are using it. Allowing an inexperienced person to use a trampoline unsupervised is as good as inviting trouble. Following are some safety tips that are propagated by The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission:
  • Make sure that all the assembly instructions were followed while installation.
  • Permit only one user on it at a time, and if it is a child, then supervising him or her is essential.
  • Its parts, such as frames, springs, and hooks must be padded before use.
  • Give the trampoline its own place that is clear of other structures.
  • Make sure that access is restricted, which may be insured by not using a ladder, or keeping the equipment under lock and key.
  • Install a net enclosure, which will help minimize the chances of accidents and injuries.
Within no time after its purchase, a trampoline can become the focal point of a family's recreational activities. Any user must take care while using it, such as bouncing low and landing consistently in the center. He can do a favor to himself by leaving tricks such as flips, somersaults, and twisting somersaults, which are the main causes of trampoline accidents, to the professionals.