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Unique and Funny Trivia Team Name Ideas That You Never Thought Of

Unique and Funny Trivia Team Name Ideas
Puzzles and trivia make for an interesting team building activity. It's time you got your team ready to play some interesting games, amidst wild drinking and brawling. Plentifun brings to you funny team names that you can use for the next live trivia.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Apr 16, 2018
Did You Know?
According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest pub quiz―Quiz for Life―had 2,280 participants, and was held at the Flanders Expo Halls in Ghent, Belgium, on December 11, 2010.
Pub quiz developed in the late 1970s, and is popularly held in public houses. The main objective behind organizing quiz nights or trivia nights is to attract customers to a pub on an otherwise dry night. Developed by Burns & Porter Associates, pub quizzes are weekly events that adhere to specific formats.
Most often, participating teams have to write down answers on quiz papers or blank sheets of paper in response to questions announced by the quiz master. Teams are generally formed on the basis of pub tables; however you can form your own group and decide on a funny team name. As a tradition, people often have to pay to participate in a trivia league; however most pub quizzes are mere events to draw customers to the venue on less busy nights of the week.
Funny Trivia Team Names
Beered brawlers
Beer jugglers
Beer vikings
Cheesy ballers
Demented elves
Hi flyers
Horny beakers
Quiztopher colada
Tiki tonicans
Tipsy toms
Wicked smartinis
Wine quackers
Jolly Drinkers
Whis-key barbarians
Beer Vikings
Beerded Brawlers
Cheesy Ballers
Fizzy Pop
Quiztal Waters
Tiki Tonicans
Wine Quackers
Wicked Smartinis
Horny Beakers
Hi Flyers
Tipsy Toms
High and Dry
Wocka Wocka
Kitten Mittens
Trivial Pursuits
Lil' drumma Boyz
Demented Elves
Beer Lappers
Tequila Hot-shots
Beer Jugglers
Spiced Moccasians
Schmo Balls
High and Dry Winicans
Quizzly Bears
Quiztopher Colada
Tequila Mockingurd
Stiphend Rockers
Wobbly Hoes
Beer Sparks
Fender Benders
Les Quizarables
Wine Bogglers
Scrambled Eggnogs
Don Quizote
Smarty Pints
Yule Logs
Dizzy Dates
No Bodies
Scrum team
Twisted Tongue Rascals
Drink Ninjas
Boof Buddies
Gin and Toni
Chum Bucket
Cereal Drinkers
George and Wheezky
The Mutants
Drunken Donuts
Razzle Dazzle
Bahama Mamas
Walking Willie
Hugh Reaction
Chicken McThuggets
Cranium Krusherz
Bright Sparks
Constantly Inconsistent
Quizlamic Extremists
Barnardo's Spastic
Rummy Bears
Pint Busters
Understanding the Game
The quiz is conducted by the quiz master, who is also responsible to mark and score answers submitted by teams.
The questions are often set by the bar staff or landlord, and are taken from a specialist trivia company.
The game consists of a factual round that includes questions on general knowledge, sports, entertainment, and facts.
The quiz also includes puzzles, novelty, music, picture, and identity rounds, wherein the teams have to correctly identify the object.
In addition to these rounds, there can also be a bonus round. Teams get to select one or two rounds as jokers, wherein their points double.
Some quizzes, however, include either a spot prize or bonus points for a single difficult question.
Like in all quizzes, team members are banned from using phones or other means of cheating during the quiz.
Prizes include anything from a case of beer to cash, and from vouchers to novelty prizes.
Apart from trivia nights, the best teams can also be nominated to participate in a regional or annual quiz championship. The National Trivia Association is known to run a nation-wide contest that involves various trivia games around the U.S. Do not forget to get creative when it comes to thinking up team names.