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50 Awesome Zombie Run Team Name Ideas

50 Awesome and Big-league Zombie Run Team Name Ideas

Zombie runs are real fun when you go in a team, instead of attempting to run alone. And the important thing is having an appropriate team name. We have compiled some catchy team names for your team to steal all the attention.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Not only for Fun!

One of the zombie runs have a partnership with the Kennedy Krieger Institute (Baltimore), that helps over 20,000 children suffering from brain, spinal cord, and musculoskeletal system every year. People participating in the run can donate or buy merchandise to help the kids.

Zombie runs are REAL! Imagine your city attacked by hundreds of zombies but you can't die, you got to run and save your life. You have to run from the start line to the finish line, without getting killed by the Zombies! And yes, there may be some other obstacles to test you. If you think you have the speed and intelligence, try it and get the experience of a lifetime. These runs have something or the other for everybody. You can be a human who runs from the zombies, or you can be a zombie too. Also, you'll get the professional zombie makeup, how cool is that? You can be a spectator, photographer, or you can sponsor. There is nothing like failing in this run. Even if you get 'infected' by the zombies, you can still run till the finish line and enjoy yourself.
Plan properly and register your team. Choose a name and discuss it with your mates. This is a compilation of a few awesome team names. You can choose a funny name or come up with your own team name after taking a cue from this list. Go ahead and make the name yours(elf)!
Shambling Wreck's
Shawns of the Dead
Flight of the Living Dead
The Running Dead
Keep Running & Avoid Zombies
The Manburger Helpers
The Reanimated Runners
The Cardio Corpses
Bite Me!
Meat Hammers
Zombie Supper Club
Zombies Hate Fast Food
Team Buried Alive
Team Muddy Buddies
Zombie Bait
Zombie Robots
The Waddling Dead
Zombie Exercise Division
Numb bodies
Passing Gas
Grave Emissions
Organ Trailblazers
Grateful Undead
Undead Asics
Meals on Heels
Passing Gas
Will You Survive?
The Scabtown Shamblers
Dead Last
Zombie Apocasprints
Outbreak Response Team
Will Run For Beer
Dead Men Running
Insomniacs with Running Problems
The Trots
Zombie Dracos
Trails of the Dead
Race Corpse
The Uncatchables
The Brain Eating Machines
Meals on Wheels
The Fleeing Diners
The Appetizers
The Zombie Circus
The Brain Drain

We think these names are really cool and we hope you have decided on one. There are many zombie runs in different venues, so check which one you can go to. Check the official website. Check out another Zombie run and register. Wish you luck for the race and enjoy that experience!