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How to Play 'Hi Ho! Cherry-O' Board Game

How to Play 'Hi Ho! Cherry-O' Board Game

Hi Ho! Cherry-O is a board game which is most popular as the first counting game for preschoolers. In this Plentifun article, we will learn how to play this game.
Swati Takale
Game History
'Hi Ho! Cherry-O' was first introduced by Whitman Games in 1960. Today, it is produced by Milton Bradley (now owned by Hasbro).
'Hi Ho! Cherry-O' is a classic educational board game for toddlers aged 3 to 6. It teaches young preschoolers the basics of counting. In fact, the game is so interesting that kids do not realize that they are actually honing their math skills. The game does not require reading skills since it is entirely based on pictures.

'Hi Ho! Cherry-O' can also be a fun-family game since two to four players can play it. The rules are extremely simple, while the game is extremely easy to play. In this article, we have listed out the instructions to play 'Hi Ho! Cherry-O' board game.
What You'll Need
  • HI HO! CHERRY-O game board
  • Spinner with an arrow
  • Small different-colored (red, blue, green, yellow) plastic buckets, 4
  • Tree cards, 4
  • Plastic cherries, 40
The Objective
The aim of the game is to pick cherries from the tree cards and fill the respective buckets. The first player to gather 10 cherries wins the game.
Initial Setup
  • Arrange the game board on a flat surface such as a table top or on the floor.
  • Fix together the spinner and the arrow onto the board as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer's guide.
  • Arrange all tree cards and buckets onto the board in their respective slots.
  • Let each player choose a tree and a corresponding bucket, and allow them to place 10 cherries on their respective trees.
➔ The youngest player makes the first spin, and the game proceeds in the clockwise direction.

➔ During each turn, a player spins and plays according to the target picture onto which the spinning arrow points. They are:

One Cherry
Pick one cherry from your tree and put it into your bucket.
Two Cherries
Pick two cherries from your tree and put them into your bucket.
Three Cherries
Pick three cherries from your tree and put them into your bucket.
Four Cherries
Pick four cherries from your tree and put them into your bucket.
Bird or Dog
Take two cherries from your bucket and place them on your tree. (* Note: If you do not have any cherries in your bucket, do nothing. If you have only cherry, keep it back on your tree.)
Spilled Bucket
Take out all the cherries from your bucket, place them on your tree, and start over.

➔ The winner with 10 cherries in his/her bucket must give a winning call "Hi Ho! Cherry O!"
How To Play
➔ Take turns spinning the wheel.
➔ If you land on 1, 2, 3, or 4 cherries, pick that many number of cherries from your tree and keep them in your bucket.
➔ If you land on a bird or a dog, remove 2 cherries from your bucket and keep them on your tree.
➔ If you land on a spilled bucket, empty your whole bucket and keep all the cherries on your tree.
➔ Continue taking turns spinning the wheel until someone has all 10 cherries in his/her bucket.
Kids love this game and so do parents. Children get to learn math, while parents get to spend quality time with their little ones.