Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Crossword puzzles can be a very good way in which kids can learn new words and also have some fun. Let's go through some sample crossword puzzles for kids presented by Plentifun.
Plentifun Staff
Did You Know?
Arthur Wynne, a journalist from Liverpool, England, invented the first crossword puzzle. He published a Word-cross in the New York World that represented most features of the genre. The name of the puzzle was later changed to Crossword.
Crossword is a fun way of practicing reading, spellings, and it can also enrich your kid's vocabulary. Crossword puzzle grid is a pattern of filled and empty squares. It's a puzzle where set of words or clues are provided, where players have to solve the puzzle by filling words in the empty grid. Whoever completes the puzzle correctly, is a winner!
Following are some examples of crosswords with pictures that kids will definitely enjoy. For solving this puzzle, your child has to fill in the blank squares of puzzle and also find the right alphabets for colored squares by forming appropriate words. There are answers flipped at the bottom of each puzzle. Let them try to solve the puzzle on their own or guess the answers. Let's take a look.
Easy Crossword Puzzles
animal crossword puzzle
easy animal crossword puzzle
kids crossword puzzle
Easy crossword puzzles are meant for the beginner level or younger kids. There are also some cartoon and fun related puzzles for kids illustrated in the sections below.
Themed Crossword Puzzles
Crossword puzzles with themes are popular amongst kids because of the vibrant colors and the multitude of puzzle options available - related to nature, sports, zoo, ocean animals, things, places etc. A few theme puzzle examples are given in the pictures below.
nature theme crossword puzzle
sea animal crossword puzzle
Handmade Crossword Puzzles
You can create crossword puzzles on your own too. You need to consider the age of your kid, and the level of words that you want your kid to learn while solving the puzzle. There are software available that help you create such puzzles. You can pick words from these sites, but the words that they have may be of higher complexity or even hard for your kid to grasp. Therefore, we suggest that parents should try to create the crossword puzzle at home. Here's how you can do it:
  • Think and decide what grid size you want the crossword puzzle.
  • List out words that you want to add to the grid based on theme or a certain type.
  • Give a clue for each word in the crossword puzzle.
  • Divide the words in horizontal and vertical style. Make a list of all the clues together in across and down (ascending) format in numeric order. Remember, all clues should be at the bottom of the puzzle.
  • Another way is to list out the chosen words with the headings - across and down or separate the words with a comma or a number/alphabet key.
  • You can also set a theme and take words accordingly. For this, you can use paints, crayons, color pencils to draw a theme.
  • If you want to keep it simple, then just create the crossword puzzle grid in 6x6, 9x9, etc. styles.
Take a look at the following puzzle pictures and I'm sure, the kids will surely enjoy solving these.
fruit crossword puzzle
vegetable crossword puzzle
The Internet―A Helpful Medium for Kids
Technology is growing faster by the day, and your kid is capable of gaining and achieving all that you have never even dreamed of. The younger generation prefer using the Internet for solving puzzles rather than the puzzle book. Also, online crossword puzzles are interactive, can be printed, and come with answers. While playing online, all one has to do is enter your basic information, select the design you like, and follow certain rules of the game. As parents, you can browse various websites and select a puzzle suitable for your kid's age and difficulty level. Most websites offer puzzles free of cost, but some websites charge you for their services. These websites also give you feedback through which you can judge your kid's development and interests.

Some useful websites are:
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Crossword puzzles will surely help your kid sharpen his thinking and problem solving skills. Also, he gets a good chance to develop his grasping skills. Childhood is the right time to encourage healthy learning habits in your child, so that over the years the child is well-equipped to face the competitive world. And crossword puzzles are one way of doing it; they are an excellent mixture of fun and knowledge. So, just go ahead and help your child learn the fun way.
Kid making puzzle