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10 Fun Conversation Games to Play That'll Help Break the Ice

10 Fun Conversation Games to Play
Are you running out of topics to talk about? Or simply bored of those regular chats? If you are looking for some inspiration, feel free to check out the 10 classic conversation games to play, given here.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Did You Know?
Conversation games have gained popularity because of the Hip Hop culture and TV shows such as, Yo Momma and Wild N Out.
For some, getting a conversation started can be a daunting task, especially if it's a new couple or with their kids. For others it can come quite naturally. Sometimes you and your mates might be stuck at a place where card games or board games aren't an option. Regardless of the situation you are in; maybe you are waiting in line at the bank with your friend, driving, or when there's load shedding at home, conversation games are a classic way to spend time.

These games not only improve your relationship with the other person, but also help to get people talking about things which they may not normally be comfortable with. Listed below are a few conversation games. All you need is a little bit of imagination.
Good Conversation Games
Truth Or Dare
For this game, the group has to sit in a circle. Now take a bottle, place it in the middle of the circle and spin it. When it stops its cap portion will face one player and other side will face another. One of them has to ask "truth or dare" to the other player. If he selects truth, player asks him question & if he selects dare, he has to given challenge to complete. There are ample sites suggesting funny questions and hilarious dares to complete. Here is our list of truth or dare questions.
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My Name is Alex
This game is very helpful for kids, as it helps improve their vocabulary and sentence construction. This game starts with one person adding a name and a thing, but in an alphabetical order. Take for example, the first player says A my name is Alex and I like Apricots, the next player has to say, A my name is Alex and I like Apricots,B my name is Bosco and I like baseball. And the game continues with each player reciting and contributing more to the chain.
Two Facts And a Lie
In addition to getting to know your girlfriend/boyfriend better, this game will help you to understand how well (or poorly) your significant other lies. The premise of this game is easy: you need to state three stories, two of them are true and the third one is a lie. Your partner has to guess what is true and what is not.
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How's Yours?
You require a large group of friends or gather a large group of people to play this game. A group of people team up against one guesser. The team needs to provide clues to the guesser but which can't be too easy or hard. It is somewhat like twenty questions, but the only question the guesser is allowed to ask is how's yours? To find an object, all the team members need to decide on something which is fairly common and everybody has it; for example a passport, a cell phone, or an email account.
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The guesser then questions one of the team members, how's yours? The questioned individual has to provide an honest clue that will help the guesser to figure out the object. The guesser is entitled to only one guess per clue. If the guesser is able to answer your clue, then you have to be the next guesser.
Make It or Break It
All of us imagine the type of man/woman we want in our life. This particular game is all about that. In this game you need to imagine a man/woman with all the qualities you wish to have in them. Then one of the players says 'Make it or Break it' and adds one bad quality to them. Then the rest of the group decides if they would still prefer to be with that person even if they possess that bad quality.
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Name Ten
This is a fun and frolic family related game and is very simple to play. One player has to declare a particular category such as fruits, animals, or birds. The other players need to list down ten examples of that category. The player who came up with this category needs to ascertain if the examples fit in or not.
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Last Letter
This one's simple yet entertaining enough. One player has to start off by saying a random word and the next person has to continue by using the last letter of the previous word. The game continues until you reach a point where you can't make a word that starts with that letter and has not been used before. So remember, words are not to be repeated. When a player gets stuck, he loses. There are four rounds to finish, and every time you lose, you get a letter from the word 'KILL'. Thus, if you lose four times, that means you will be collecting all the four letters and hence get killed and lose the game.
20 questions
This is a game of pure logic. If you like logical reasoning then this game is for you. You need to decide on a physical noun like cake, cloud, or dog. The other player gets twenty questions to ask to figure out the object. It can be any type of question as long as it can be answered with a yes or no. After the twenty questions are up, the other player has to come up with a noun and you have to guess it.
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Would You Rather
It's more like rhetorical questioning. This game includes imagining scenarios that are both weighty. You need to think creatively for this game. Of course you can always search for scenarios online and include them in your game. Here is our list of would you rather questions. One player has to ask questions to the other player. The questions should start with 'Would you rather' and the other player has to answer by selecting one out of the two options. For example: Would you rather be very skinny or very fat?
I Have Never Ever
This game requires gulping down a drink (tea, coffee, beer) and the players need to take turns by saying "I have never ever done X". If the other players have done that thing, they need to take a sip of their drink. This way you would understand who has done it and who has not. The beauty of the game is talking about things which you know the other players might have done, in this way getting them to finish their drink first.
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Playing conversation games will let you connect and also have fun. But one thing to keep in mind is to have a playful mindset. Select the games you like and get your party rolling.