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Fun Ideas to Hang Out With Friends and Create Wonderful Memories

Fun Ideas to Hangout With Friends
Bored sitting at home? Try using these fun ideas to hangout with your friends. You'll love them! Make them even more memorable by clicking some crazy snaps!
Neha Rajan Deshmukh
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
God gives us our relatives; thank God we can choose our friends! ~ Ethel Watts Mumford
Indeed, friends are an inseparable part of our lives. What can be better than to hangout with friends on a lazy day? Here is a list of fun activities to do with your friends.
Happy Pocket Ideas

Friends are fun anytime, anywhere and anyhow! That too, if you can enjoy without spending a penny, it will be an icing on the cake. You can try these things to make it a memorable day:
  • Invite a bunch of friends at your place. Take hold of your old camera and click crazy snaps with your buddies. Make it look like a photo shoot. Give weird poses and laugh out loud! Wear old clothes and make it funnier!
  • Go to a local park and swing around with your friends. Swings are fun anytime! Play around trying different slides in the park. Reviving your old days is never outdated.
  • If you are planning to go to a friend's place for a day, make sure you arrange for some games. Take along some yummy snacks with you. Try to play childish games. Games like hide and seek or dark room works wonders. Share some creepy ghost stories if you have.
  • You can plan a visit to a museum and explore some new things. That way, you'll have a good time discussing the articles that you saw there.
  • Go on the terrace and play a game where each one of you will mimic your friends. Nothing is funnier than to see yourself through someone else's eyes!
  • Go to a beach or a lake and hang around. It is fun to play in the water.
  • If you are not in a mood to do something that may tire you, just invite your friends and chat. I am sure, when friends meet, you can chat endlessly.
  • Experimenting on your clothes is fun when friends are around. Get hold of all your old clothes and try to experiment with them. You can cut your jeans in half and make it look like beach shorts. Girls can try embellishing their old evening gowns. Try patchwork and embroidery on old clothes and give them a brand new look.
  • If you are in a mood to roam around, then fetch some of your friends and go for long drives. If it's raining, don't you miss that opportunity!
  • You can go out and play basketball on your driveway.
  • If you are a food person, call your friends and experiment crazy recipes. Try something yummy with chocolate cookies and ice creams. Also, try your hand at making some spicy soups.

Small Budget Ideas

Money is always an annoying problem when it comes to being with friends. But, all you rich fellows can try these ideas if you can spare a few dollars for having fun.
  • Look for a perfect destination and plan a weekend trip accordingly. Visit some exotic places there and try new food.
  • Try adventure sports. They will cost you a pretty big deal but then it will be worth it.
  • You can plan a stay-over at your friend's place and make it a happening poker night. Try not to gamble though!
  • Go to a disco and have fun. Dance as if it is the last day to dance!
  • Buy your favorite movie CD's and have a gala time. You can also play video games with your buddies.
  • Another crazy thing that you can try with your friends is to make a music video. Make sure you don't hire any professionals. Write a song, sing it for your friends and shoot a video with your friends. Nothing can be better than your own classic music video!
  • One of the most common but fun ideas is to go to a coffee shop and munch on your most loved delicacies.
  • If you have some space in your basement or your backyard, you can create a 'Friends' Room'. Clean the mess and paint the walls with vibrant colors. Click cool pictures with your friends and get them framed. All of you can distribute work. Drill some nails in the wall and hang those frames.
  • Get some cool stuff from a food mart and cook something delicious. Arrange a party that evening and serve your dish.

Wilson Mizner once said, The best way to keep your friends is not to give them away!. So, make sure you make your friends feel special and wanted. Though trying all these ideas will give you a gala time, even a small cup of coffee with your friends can become memorable! Have fun!
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