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Funny Emails to Send

Funny Emails to Send

Have you ever read a funny email and laughed so loud that others sitting around you also broke into laughter? Read this Plentifun article for some really funny emails to send to people.
Aparna Jadhav
A 6-year-old boy asked his father once, "Daddy, where did I get all my intelligence from?" The father replied to him. "Well son, I think you got it from your mother "because I still have mine." I am sure this made you laugh. This was just one of the jokes you can use in the funny emails that you want to send to your friends and co-workers. In this article, we bring to you some humorous jokes which will make your emails funny.
Funny Emails for Friends

The first thing that you do once you read a funny email is, you forward it to some of your friends. You can also send funny text messages to make them smile when they're down. Take a look at the following email ideas which can help you make your friends smile.

Hi, John!
Aliens are coming down to Earth on Saturday for a mission to kidnap all the sexy and good looking people. You are going to be safe but I am just mailing you to say goodbye.
Regards, Henry.

When I went for an eye check up to a doctor, I noticed his degree on the wall with his name. I tried to recollect where I'd heard that name before and realized that I had a crush on a guy with the same name way back in high school. He was tall and cute, but when I saw the doctor I was convinced it can't be the same guy as he was fat and half bald. After my check up I asked him if he attended the City School and he said, yes he did. Then I asked him which year he graduated and he said, "1972, but why are you asking me this?" I exclaimed, "You were in my class!" and to that he said, "Oh! Really? Which subject did you teach?"

"Our friendship means a lot to me.
I will cry, when you cry.
I will laugh, when you laugh.
When you jump out of the window, I will laugh again."

Four catholic men and a catholic woman were sitting in a restaurant.
The first catholic man said to them, "My son is a priest, when he enters a room, everyone addresses him, Father."
The second catholic man said, "My son is a Bishop. When he enters into a room, people call him, Your Grace."
The third catholic man said, "My son is a Cardinal. When he walks into a room, everyone says, Your Eminence."
Then the fourth man stands up to say, "My son is the Pope. When he enters a room, people address him saying, Your Holiness."
They all expected the catholic woman who was listening to them to say something, so they looked at her.
The catholic woman said, "I have a daughter who is slim, tall, and has a great body. When she walks into a room people say, Oh My God!"
Funny Emails for Coworkers

It's fun to take a break from work and read some funny emails or jokes that your coworker has sent. You can have a good laugh, before you dig yourself back into a heap of work. Given below are some funny emails to send at work.

Two girls living in California were chatting, while they sat at the beach. One of them asked the other: "Do you think Florida is far away or the moon?" The other girl turned and replied, "Hey, can you see Florida???"

A blonde was stopped by a traffic police because of over-speeding. When he asked her for her license she said, "I hope you guys can make up your minds on what to do. Yesterday you took my license away and today you are asking me for it?"

A girl visited her friend who had just bought two dogs. She asked her friend, what their names were. The girl replied, Opex and Timex. The first girl wondered why the dogs had such weird names. Her friend replied, "Because they are watch dogs!"
Handbook for Employees

Every company makes sure that the employees abide by certain rules and regulations. So here's an interesting employee handbook which you might find interesting. This can be a great email you can send to all your employees.

Sick Days: A doctor's certificate to prove sickness will not be accepted. If you are fit to visit a doctor, you are fit to come for work.

Lunch Breaks: Thin employees can take a break for 30 minutes as they have to eat more, medium size employees can take only 15 minutes as they have to maintain their bodies and fat people should take only 5 minutes as they just need to take a drink.

Personal Leave: 104 days of the year are allotted as personal leave for each employee as they are Saturdays and Sundays.

Bereavement leave: You cannot help it if someone dies and so you need not miss work. If your presence is necessary at the funeral, you can arrange it during lunch hours or in very important involvements apply for a one hour leave before lunch in advance.
You can add a note below which says, "Thank you for cooperating, wish you a pleasant working experience."