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Funny Prank Call Ideas That Will Leave You Giggling

Funny Prank Call Ideas
Prank calls are fun, irrespective of your age. Let Bart Simpson be your muse, prank on!
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018
Man with text kick me attached to his back
Kids love the idea of making prank calls to people! There is just something so devilish about making prank calls to others and disturbing them in the dead of the night which appeals to the pubescent young souls of kids looking for something exciting and devious to do! So now if you're having a sleepover at your place and want to make some funny prank calls.
Prank Call Central
Bad News
Call and when that person picks up the phone, get some girl to say, 'Hey... I have bad news... I'm pregnant.' Scares the hell out of any listener! Simple, yet effective.
Christmas in Summer
Funny Prank Call Ideas- Christmas in Summer
Call in the summer and start singing Christmas carols.
No-so-secret Secrets
If you want to know some embarrassing secrets about one of your friends, you could mimic the accent of his favorite actor/sportsman and then ask him the question. Your friend will blurt out his most intimate secrets.
Home Wrecker!
Call up a house and when the person's wife picks up, say seductively, 'Hi... This is Tanya... Last night was great, you bad boy... You wanna go at it again?'
Sandpaper-toilet Paper?
Think up some unusual product and try telemarketing it. Ask the person at the other end, 'would you be interested in buying a sandpaper-toilet paper? Cleans the worst, stickiest...'
funny prank call ideas- where do baby's come from
Call up some random number and when someone answers, ask them 'where do babies come from?'
Prank Call Center
Call a credit card call center and ask them, 'sir would you like to buy a credit card?' You can pester them a lot.
Call one of your friends up and pretend to be the girl he has a crush on. Say that you like him a lot and want to go out with him for a date. Tell him to come to a place far away or in some dark parking lot. It'll be more fun if you go and watch.
No One's Home
Call up your friend pretending to be that girl he likes. Then tell him to come over and that no one's home. Give him an address where you know no one lives and the door's always locked. And then stick a note 'I told you no one's home!'
Wrong Birthday!
Give all the people one of your friend's number. Tell the guys that the number belongs to this really hot girl and its her birthday and tell them to wish her. Tell your female friends that it is a really hot guy and its his birthday. The best part is, it really ISN'T the birthday of the person they are calling! It's an awesome trick and, your bill remains unaffected!
Please Stay on the Line...
funny prank call ideas- please stay on the line
When the telemarketers call you, put them on hold for a long time and then say, 'your call is important to us... please stay on the line...'
Messing With Callers
Tired of those telemarketers? There are some ways to get back to them. Here is one conversation that I tried by acting dumb. You may also try to degrade your language on purpose and keep answering with more questions. Randomly say something completely irrelevant. Something like this -

"Hi, this is Sid calling from x 'n y, would you like to listen to our latest offer on that (awesome new package)?"

"Hi Sid, my name is Jake but my mommy calls me pumpkin pants cause it looks like a pumpkin after I poop."

"Hi there little Jake, would you pass the phone to your mom or your dad?"

"They don't live here. Mommy said now that I'm 34, I can live on my own."

"Umm ok Jake, so would you like to know more on our product?"


"Because you might like it, just like (the billions of non-existential people I already sold it to)."


"Because if you like it, I could give it to you for an irresistible offer."

"Please hold, I'd like to talk about this with my Horty, my pet elephant."

(Sid should have realized by now that this call is not going to go anywhere and he should quit. But, like a true soldier of the telemarketing army, he perseveres)

"Horty says okay, but he said he won't pay for it. He spent his last money on buying a giant play-pen."

"Which is why, with the offer I'm willing to give on this product will make it all the more affordable."

(Remember, you're the one in control of the call. If it gets boring, make things as weird as possible and cut the call)

"I am sorry Sid, but I need the rest of my money to buy a flamethrower, Nutella, and new diapers. Also, please don't call me back, Mr. Phone says you're a stranger and I should not talk to strangers. Just like mommy."

"... (cuts the call)"

And that's how you'll never hear from the company again!
Always ensure that your pranks are not abusive or distasteful. It should be simply a prank, not a revenge.