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Lazy? Penniless? Read the Things You Can Do for Fun With No Money

Things to do for Fun with No Money
Are you absolutely broke and bored? That's definitely a bad combination. Here are some interesting ideas that encapsulate things to do for fun, with no money.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
It's not that you will get bored if you don't have any money. However, when broke, one starts to ponder on what all he/she would have done if they had some cash to spare. Maybe go to the movies, shop for something, perhaps eat out ... Stop all this day-dreaming, get off your butt, and try out the crazy ideas given in this article.
Fun Things to do When Broke
Well, the first among fun things that you can try, is to do what the guy in the picture is doing. Photocopy your face, and see how it looks! This could be pretty mind-boggling.
Lie down, close your eyes, and imagine a full-feature film in your head. Picture yourself as the hero, saving the world from its end.
Ring the bells of your neighbors, and quickly hide. Keep doing this with different houses, but don't overdo the prank or get caught. Be ready with an excuse, just in case you get caught.
Play loud music, jump on your bed, sing along, and dance.
Go to the kitchen, take a big gulp of slush or ice cream, and enjoy the brain freeze.
You can take a tour of the public library, and read something which interests you, like comics, literature, non-fiction, etc.
Switch on a foreign language TV show, mute the sound, and try to interpret loudly what they are trying to say.
Take some nice, fragrant essential oils, and add it to a hot bath. Add a lot of body shampoo, and make the bath extra-bubbly. Enjoy the soak with some nice music.
Read or remember some jokes, and have a good laugh. Try to make up some jokes of your own creation.
Call up your friends, ask them to get some food, and have a picnic in the park.
Dress up in your best clothes, grab some friends, and go to the mall. Pick up some clothes you like, and try them out in the changing rooms.
There are so many fun things to do online, like listening to music, social networking sites, quizzes, watching funny videos, playing games, or browsing news.
Invite your friends for a sleepover. As you don't have money, you can ask them to get the food.
Make a list of places in the city, that you have never visited. Hang out at these places with your friends, and explore new locations.
Dress up and go to dance clubs on free entry nights. You may as well meet some new people to hang around with.
Play indoor games with your friends, like uno, monopoly, or scrabble. You may invent a new game as well.
Volunteer for some community project with your friends. You will end up doing some good work for the social benefit, apart from driving away your own boredom.
Call up your boyfriend/girlfriend, and go for a long walk.
Plan a starry, romantic date in a park, at night. Make sure you carry a blanket, some food, and drinks. Do not forget the mosquito repellent!
Dress up as a hippie; wear all colorful stuff, headbands, flower-power t-shirts, and long pants. Play Bob Marley's 'don't worry about a thing... ', and dance to it.
Backpack and climb a mountain. Explore different trekking destinations around the city.
Take out your car or bike, and go on a long drive. Keep a nice music playlist handy.
Set up a lemonade stand, and sell lemonade. You may as well earn a bit of cash to plan whatever you were daydreaming about.
Go to the kitchen, mix up ingredients, and invent a new recipe. However, remember that you yourself will have to be the one to eat it.
With your friends, there are many things that you can do for fun with little or no money. Squeeze into a picture booth with all your friends, make faces, and get your pictures clicked.
Sit on a revolving chair, and ask a friend to drag you around the whole house. You can close your eyes, and play a game of guessing which part of the house you're being dragged to.
Mix up flavors of ice cream, and end up with a new flavor altogether! Ask your friends to taste and guess its constituents.
Take a digital camera, and go on shooting anything you find amusing! Get out on the streets, and ask random people to pose for you.
Turn a book upside down, and try to read it. You can also try writing with both hands.
Take some non-toxic, temporary colors, and paint your hair in multi-colored highlights. Flaunt them off with the craziest of hairstyle.
For one whole day end all your sentences with one word, like whoa.
Visit a flea market with your friends. This is helpful when you have little cash. Otherwise, you can help your friends shop.
Spend some time for yourself, and get a facial at home. Paint your nails, and try on different makeup styles.
Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and try out the above ideas. Planning for some of these will also get you to forget all boredom.
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