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Get Popular With These Extremely Powerful Gangster Names

Gangster Names
As a gangster, if you want to be well-known in public with a name that will give you a different identity, gangster names are for you. Whether you are in a hardcore gang or a local team, a gangster name will always create a separate identity.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Choosing Gangster Names
Gangster names are to be chosen keeping in mind what people see you as and think what you are like. If people know you as a daring and energetic person, you can choose your gangster name as 'Crazy' and 'Wildo'. If you look cute, 'The Pretty Boy' would be an appropriate name for you. If you have been through very tough times in the past, you can choose a name as 'The Troubled'. This will portray what type of personality you are and what way of thinking you have. Gangster names can be of a single word, two words, or three words. This all depends on you, how you actually want the name to sound. Also make sure that the name is not be too long for people to say. Do not keep a short sentence as your name.

Decide of what nationality you want your gangster name to be. You can choose any name that will sound Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, etc. A majority of gangsters prefer Italian names over any other names. If you have chosen a particular name, add it in the middle or at the end of your real name, to make it more gangsta-like.

While choosing gangster names, you can also decide a name which has a relation with your past or present. If you are in demand and are very famous in your neighborhood, you can keep a name as 'The Wanted'. So, if your real name is 'Franco Alberto', you can add 'The Wanted' in between both the words. It would become like Franco 'The Wanted' Alberto. Create your own style in your gangster name. In this similar manner, you can experiment with many different variations to your name to get a mafia name which you like.
List of Gangster Names
Mafia Gang
The Schemer
The Robber
Jizzy Mack
Indian Bully
The Dark Prince
The Clown
Baby Face
Mad Dog
The Bulldog
The Circuit
The Dynamite
Good Cash
Dangerous Hatter
Born Rascal
Machine Gun
Head Pimp
Ice Banger
Captain Crime
Mr. Thug
Wild Stuff
The Gentle Don
Man with a guitar
The Soft Hammer
The Bookie
The Quack
Killer Butterfly
Baby Cream
Dirty Bee
Crackhead Beauty
The Spanker
The Killer
Mad Dolly
Death Queen
Beautiful Bomb
Weasel Girl
Miss Nutty
Mad Love
Sweet Rebellion
Sweet Babe
Queen Wifee
The Iron Lady
The Assassin
Baby Money
Some names from this list are of very famous gangsters of earlier decades. Similar kind of names can be used before, in the middle, or after your real names. The best idea to come up with good gangster names is to use the Internet. There are many websites which have an inbuilt mafia name generator. By referring to these websites, you will certainly get a gangster name for you. You just need to play around with names to get a perfect gangster name. After you have decided on a specific gangster name, say it aloud to check if it sounds perfect and appropriate to your personality.