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Short Riddles

Short Riddles

Riddles are great when it comes to engaging your mind and thinking in different ways. Here are some short riddles that you can ponder over.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2018
Riddles amuse most of us. Be it funny or logical, long or short, complicated or easy, it is loved by all. Puzzles, riddles, and brain-teasers engage our mind and make us think creatively. They make us think differently and laterally too. In fact, they say, riddles also help in keeping our memory sharp as we get old.

They are especially good for the kids as it helps them in their problem-solving abilities and of course, to keep them entertained. 

Here are some short riddles for both kids and adults. See if you can solve them!
For Kids

1. What starts with a T, ends with a T, and has T in it?

2. What is yours but your friends use it more than you do?

3. Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die.

4. How could a cowboy ride into town on Friday, stay two days, and ride out on Friday?

5. What always ends everything?

6. What can go up a chimney down but not down a chimney up?

7. What is the shortest complete sentence in the English language?

8. The more you take, the more you leave behind.

9. At night they come without being fetched. By day they are lost without being stolen. What are they?

10. I know a word of letters three. Add two, and fewer there will be.

11. What has two humps and is found at the North Pole?

For Adults

1. The thunder comes before the lightning; the lightning comes before the clouds. The rain dries everything it touches.

2. The day before two days after the day before tomorrow is Saturday. What day is it today?

3. Never was, am always to be. No one ever saw me, nor ever will. And yet I am the confidence of all, to live and breathe on this terrestrial ball. What am I?

4. It regulates our daily movements, but it feels no interest in our lives. It directs us when to come and go, but does not care if we pay attention. What is it?

5. What kind of words are the following: Level, civic, madam and eye?

6. Glittering points That downward thrust, Sparkling spears That never rust.

7. I have holes, yet I am full of water. What am I?

8. What makes a loud noise when changing its jacket, becomes larger but weighs less?

9. What's the best place to go shopping on the ocean?

10. How can a man go eight days without sleep?
Hope you have had fun solving these simple yet tricky brain-teasers. A little perception and divergent thinking will help you enjoy solving more riddles in future.