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Good Pranks to Pull on People

Good Pranks to Pull on People That'll Make Them Smile, Not Scowl

Honey in hair, duct taped phone book, Chinese fire drill; all are really good pranks to pull on people. If you want more funny, exciting, and hilarious pranks to play on everyone, then keep reading...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
Pranks are great, when you pull it on someone who can appreciate them. Which is why it's important to take this article very seriously and execute any of these prank ideas very carefully. Whether you're trying these funny, interesting, wacky, and good pranks to pull on people at work, school, home, or elsewhere, remember that they can get hurt physically or emotionally. So you should be very careful as to understand the gravity of the situation. If you think that your victim is mature enough to handle these pranks, then only go ahead with them.
Pranks to Pull while They are Sleeping
To pull your crazy pranks on someone, the victims here would be your friends at a sleepover party, your mom and dad (be very careful here), your elder/younger sibling, or your roommate. Let's see what damage you can do here with these great pranks.
  • While at a sleepover, drag 2 of your friends' sleeping bags (along with them in it) and switch their places. When they wake up in the morning, they'll be puzzled as to how they got there.
  • Take your roommate's clock and change the time on all the clocks by one hour early. When your roommate goes to school or work, he/she will be an hour early.
  • If you know that your roommate, brother, or sister turns a lot while sleeping, then here's a great prank for you to pull on them. Fill couple of balloons with water and place them next to your victim after they are asleep. When they turn in their sleep, the balloon will get squished underneath them and burst, soaking them.
  • Now this is one of the awesome prank for your brother. Once he's asleep, duct tape him on his own bed. When he wakes up in the morning, he won't know how that happened and won't be able to move.
  • You can pull this prank during a sleepover or on your annoying brother. If someone is eating potato chips or a particular flavor of ice cream, tell them if they did so, their nails will turn yellow. Perhaps they won't heed you and eat it anyway. Next, when they are fast asleep, paint their nails with yellow nail polish. When they wake up the next morning, they'll be scared and confused.
  • This is a good revenge prank to pull on someone. Hide 4-5 alarm clocks in their room at different locations and set the alarm starting from 2 A.M. to 6 A.M. One by one, each alarm will go off, waking them up at every hour. As a courtesy to them (do this prank on Saturday night, so they can catch up on their sleep on Sunday).
Pranks to Pull at Work
Every now and then, playing pranks on your colleagues can be fun. Although some people may find that hilarious, make sure that the people you're actually going to try these pranks on are comfortable with them and can take your sense of humor in good spirits.
  • The first is a computer prank where you need to take a screenshot of someone's computer. Hide the cursor anywhere outside the window frame, then take the screenshot and paste it in "Microsoft Paint". Hide the icons on the desktop, autohide the taskbar, and keep the screenshot as their desktop background. When your colleague comes back, he won't be able to understand for a while what went wrong with his/her screen.
  • This one is a classic cubicle prank. Get a big roll of saran or aluminum foil and wrap your friend's stuff in it. Wrap everything you can get your hands on like pencil, coffee mug, stapler, mouse, photo frames, books, etc. When your friend returns to his/her desk, their face should be worth the watch.
  • Bring fish for lunch one day and keep it at the back of the refrigerator. Make sure you write someone else's name on the bag and leave it in. Now all you have to do is wait for few days till someone realizes there's an old lunch bag with fish in it (which will stink).
  • Open a fake MySpace or Facebook account by the name of a girl or guy, depending on the victim. Now add them and start emailing them about wanting to meet them in person. This is a great email prank to pull on an office friend. You can fix up a time and place of meeting, and instead of the girl/or guy, you'd be standing there.
  • This is again a classic, yet funny office prank to pull in the office. Replace the sugar with salt or baking powder. When everyone gets a cup of coffee, it's going to be either salty or might just start to RISE.
  • For our final office prank, tell everybody that a particular colleague of theirs is going in for some surgery. Let everyone go up to him/her and wish their best. The entire day, your friend won't understand what's going on and why's everyone getting worried.
Pranks to Pull at School
Playing pranks in school can be fun, but it can also bring some problems as well. If you got caught or someone told on you, then you might be in for some detention. So proceed cautiously.
  • This is one of the good pranks to play at school; it's my favorite. At lunchtime, get 2 boxes of milk or juice (1 for you, the other for your friend). Inject couple of drops of red food color in the box and give it to your friend to open. When he/she opens it, the milk/juice will be of different color. Checkout the shock on his/her face.
  • Next is a great prank to pull on your teachers or professors. Ask your teacher, "Where do babies come from?" Even if you know the answer, have him/her answer it. Once you get an answer, again ask "Why" and keep asking "Why" till you are stuck in the loop. It will get everyone in the class cracking.
  • For our next prank to play on friends at school, try getting your hands on some crickets. After school, place at least 1 cricket in everyone's backpacks. When they reach home and open their backpacks, the crickets will start to jump out.
  • Stand near the drinking fountain, but be hidden. Have a piece of cloth with your and wait for someone to come near the fountain. When they bend over, tear some of the cloth to make the ripping sound. The person at the fountain will think that his/her pants got ripped. See them running towards the restroom after that.
  • Pretend to be sick at school and bring a box of tissue paper. In class, during recess, or wherever you find a chance, take a tissue paper out of the box and blow your nose in it. Now the prank is to let people around you see that you are saving that used tissue paper and placing it back inside the box.
  • For our final prank for school, try this one. Fill your friend's locker with ping pong balls. When he/she opens it, watch them rolling through the hallway.
These were only few pranks we listed to pull on people in your lives. Although these pranks are for fun and laughter, some people (your victims actually) may not find it funny and can consider them as mean pranks. So be responsible and make sure that nobody gets hurt while you play these pranks on them.
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