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Indoor Team Building Activities for Kids to Enhance Mind Power

Indoor Team Building Activities for Kids
If you're looking for some fun indoor team building activities for kids, this article will provide you with many of them. Continue reading to know how you can keep your kids entertained!
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
Team building is one important quality that needs to be inoculated during childhood itself. Competitiveness is present in everyone naturally, but it is not developed during childhood, so teaching during childhood is the best time to teach kids about team spirit, co-cooperativeness, and brotherhood. It is very easy to understand what team spirit is, but it is very difficult to explain it. One learns from experience the importance of team spirit. They are one of the best way to teach anyone this quality. There are many activities, but not all of them are suitable for kids. However you do not need to worry about this as the following write up will provide you with many interesting indoor team building activities for kids.
Lead the Herd: This activity will not only help to improve the teamwork, but will also teach the kids about leadership qualities. You do not need a large area or an empty space for this game. Divide the kids in two groups and ask them to appoint a leader for their group, if the kids are too small the teacher can appoint the leader. Now blindfold everyone except the team leaders. What the teams have to do is to travel from one end of the side of the room to the other end. You can put harmless obstacles in between. The teammates will have to help each other to reach the goal, as only if the entire team reaches the goalpost first, the team wins. It also depends on the leader as he as to give correct instructions.
Which is this Shape: This is one of the fun team building activities for kids. To play this game, the teacher will have to show one specific shape to the team leader. Now it is the responsibility of the team leader to get that shape formed with the help of his teammates. He cannot speak or pull anyone. The teammates can help him, but even they cannot speak. This game stresses on leadership and presence of mind of the team members. The first group who is able to form the correct shape, wins. The game will be more fun if the teachers ask the kids to make only simple shapes like a triangle or square.
Fox and the Geese: This is one of the best games that kids will love. You do not need to divide them in teams for this game, simply make them stand in a line. Now, appoint two kids to be the fox and the goose. The mother goose will stand in front of the line and the fox will stand across the room. The fox now has to try to grab the geese kids, it is the duty of the mother goose and other geese to protect their teammates from the fox. The kids are not allowed to break the line, they can dodge, bend down, circle the targeted geese, etc. The fox will also target only one goose at a time. The game continues until all the geese are caught.
Untangle: To play this game, make the kids stand in a circle. Tell them to extend their left arms and grab any person's left arm, except for the person who is on their right. Now, instruct the kids to extend their right arms and do the same with their right arms. The group will now be tangled, they have to untangle themselves without leaving the other person's arms. They can instruct each other. This is one of the best team building lessons for kids.
As the name suggests, these activities are meant to promote the team building spirit. So, do explain to the kids the importance of team building after each activity. You can even conduct one or two activities again, but this time let them participate alone in them, after the completion of the activity let them tell you the difference.
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