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These Quirky Pranks to Pull on Your Brother are Simply THE Coolest

Pranks to Pull on Your Brother
Tortured siblings of the world unite! After being at the receiving end of your brother's pranks time and again, here's your chance to get back. A bagful of exciting pranks await you to play on your loving, naughty brother and to create more laughs for you!
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2018
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Pranks are fun. Pranks are exciting. Pranks are an endless source of laughter which we often love to reminisce about.

The catch, of course, is that all these things about pranks are applicable only if we are not at the receiving end of them. And if we are by any chance, it is only fair to take them in the right spirit and join in the mirth.

For safety sake, we have tried to keep things out of danger's reach. So, the pranks featured over here may not really be to everyone's liking, seeing as it may be that everyone's idea of fun differs to some extent.

Take your pick...
Pranks to Pull on Your Brother
Young man sleeping (toned)
Artistic Prank
Spotting a passed out brother just leaves you with countless possibilities! You could draw a nice, classic mustache on him, complete with Elvis-inspired side burns. Or apply some really hideous makeup on him. Paint his nails in a neon shade, perhaps? If he's wearing loose-fitting clothes, you could lay him on an old carpet, and sew him to it. Remember to keep a camera handy for the morning after!
Teenage boy brushing his teeth
Wannabe Vampire Prank
Here's a Halloween-ish twist to your dear brother's regular morning. Take advantage of the colorful bristles on his toothbrush, and sprinkle the slightest amount of red food coloring. As he begins his oral hygiene routine, something foamy red will appear, and you'll soon see him rushing out to make an appointment with his dentist. Bleeding gums ahoy!
Spitting Water
Refreshing Prank
Fitness freak brothers always find the following prank very annoying. After they come home from a jog, ensure that they have a bottle of refreshing cold water ready. Just add a hint of clear vinegar to it, for that extra zing. Craving for more fun? Keep extra bottles of this refreshing liquid in the fridge, so that he keeps tasting them all!
Funny photograph of japanese man taking a shower
Steaming Hot Prank
If you happen to be familiar with the plumbing mechanism in your home, this can be a good prank to play. The moment your brother heads for a shower, begin fidgeting with the main water supply. Turn it down... then suddenly turn it up. If he's using hot water, it is going to be steaming for a few moments, and a cold blast for another. Enjoy!
Frustrated man with laptop at internet cafe
Itchy Prank
Brothers can be like an irritating itch at times, so why not return the favor in the literal sense? Head to your nearest joke shop, and find a pack of itch powder. Wait till your bro is in a deep state of slumber, and sprinkle it on his head. Have fun till he has a shower!
Strong Male Hands Twisting a Stubborn Jar Lid (Close-Up)
Workout Prank
One fine day, ask a sturdy pal of yours to screw the lids of everything your brother uses, very very tightly. Beginning from the toothpaste, to the shampoo bottle, to the coffee jar, screw on everything extra tight, so that your bro spends all morning flexing his muscles. What a workout, eh?
Nothing interesting to watch.
Control Freak Prank
Are you one of those siblings who has spent his/her life fighting for the TV remote from a brother who just couldn't stop watching WWE? Well, here's a way to get back. Apply a tiny piece of clear tape over the remote signal.
Next, do this for as many devices of his devices as you can - car stereo, gaming consoles, go the whole hog. Any remote he uses will be stubbornly useless. You can have fun by ensuring that his most despised channel/DVD is playing until he figures out what's wrong with the remote.
Happy soccer fan cheering while watching tv
A Little Nasty Prank
Here's a prank that is as silly, as it is harmless. All you need is information that your bro's friends or special friend is coming over. Your brother is sure to have a favorite seat in the living room or in his room, where he perpetually parks himself. Place a nasty sounding squeak toy beneath the cushion, just before his guests arrive. Subtly try to wield your influence into ensuring that he sits on his favorite throne, and voila!

Someone here has no social graces whatsoever!
Frustrated man trying to figure out computer cables
Technical Prank
Keyboards, or more specifically, computers are an indispensable part of our lives today, and surely, your brother is no exception. So, if he is using a desktop, switch the keys on the keyboard, just a bit here and there, so that it is unnoticeable. Let him keep correcting his unusual number of typos all day long!
Having played the following pranks, here's what you can do. Start being extra nice to him, and take nothing in return. Be sweet to him at all times, and he is sure to go through hell wondering what exactly you're up to, and when your next trick is going to manifest. Believe me, it's going to be great fun watching him constantly looking over his shoulder, totally mystified by your generous behavior.

Entertaining as these pranks may have been, it is necessary that you do not cross the line when you're having some serious fun, lest either of you fall into trouble for doing so.