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Simple Rules and Instructions for Enjoying 'The Game of Life'

Rules and Instructions for 'The Game of Life'
Your friends are coming over and you have no idea how to keep them entertained? Doesn't matter if you are child or an adult, the Game of Life is a fun game to play with family and friends. You can traverse your whole life with this game. Plentifun takes you through the rules of the Game of Life.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Board Game Pieces
  • You will get more career and salary options if you choose college first.
  • The money you earn not only depends on your salary, but also the number of times other players arrive at your career spaces. It's sheer luck!
  • You can be more adventurous and add fun by choosing different careers every time you play. 
The Game of LIFE is just what the name is - a game that takes you through all the stages of life; college, work, marriage, having a family, and even retirement. Sounds fun isn't it? This game can be played by 2-6 players. So, involve your whole family or a group of friends, and you can have fun the entire day. You can spend hours playing this game without getting bored. It is a great way to spend time with your loved ones and connect to them in a different way, especially when the weather outside is really bad. This is a game filled with adventures and surprises that are 'life-like'!
Game Of Life
The Game of Life, which is also known as LIFE, is a board game created in Milton Bradley in 1860. It was first named as The Checkered Game of Life. It went on to become the most popular parlor game in America. Since then, many versions of the game have come out. It doesn't matter if you've never played this game. We tell you the rules and instructions of playing LIFE. They are easy to understand, and after a game or two, you will surely get a hang of it. So, get ready to take a road trip of your life with twists and turns, and ups and downs. You won't be disappointed!
Setting Up the Game
Lay out the game board and attach the parts to it. This game includes a spinner, insurance policies, and bank loan cards for the twists and turns in your life's journey.
  • Life Tiles : Every LIFE Tile has a message of special achievement, and a dollar amount that would add to your amount at the end of the game. The player has to collect as many Life tiles as possible by the end of the game. Place the tiles in a pile near the board with "LIFE" facing upwards.
  • Cards : You will find four kinds of cards - Career, Salary, House Deeds, and Stock cards. Separate them and place each deck faced downwards near the board.
  • Insurance Policies and Bank Loans : Separate the pile of Automobile insurance policies, Homeowner's insurance policies, and Bank Loans faced downwards near the board.
  • Money : Assign one player to play the role of a banker to keep a track of the money and loans throughout the game. Separate the money as per the denomination, and distribute $10,000 to each player before you start the game.
  • Cars and Pegs
    Each player has to choose a car of their desired color. Insert one peg in the driver's seat to represent the player. 
How to Play the Game of Life?
The main objective of this game is to "retire" as the player with maximum wealth and achievements as per the Life Tiles. It is not about who finishes first.
Getting Started
All players have to spin the wheel. The one with the highest spin gets the first chance to play and choose among college or career. After that, continue playing in the clockwise direction.
Who goes in first?
Game Start
  • When it is your first turn, decide whether you want to start a career or start with a college. You will get more salary and career options if you choose college. However, it may take time.
  • If you choose college, then place your car on START COLLEGE, and borrow $40,000 from the bank (Bank Loans) for tuition. After you are done, spin and move ahead.
  • If you choose career, then place your car on START CAREER. Then draw three Career Cards, and pick one career of your choice. Draw again if you get a card that says "Degree Required." When you get your career, draw three random Salary Cards, choose one, and place your Career card and Salary card facing upwards. Spin again and move ahead. 
Regular Play
Game of Life Board Game
  • When it is your turn, spin wheel. If it stops between two numbers, then spin again. Move your car the number of spaces as indicated by the spinner.
  • Move your car forward always. (Just like in real life, you can't move backwards!)
  • If you come at a space that is already occupied, then move one space ahead. Follow the instructions given on the space. When you complete the task or directions, your turn ends.
  • Stocks, Insurance, and Loans: You may buy stocks and insurance or take loans from the bank at the beginning of each turn. Once you spin the wheel, you will not be able purchase these items. Repay the bank loans with $5000 interest when you retire or during any of your turn.
  • Space Colors: You will come across tiles of four different colors. Each tile has a different meaning.
    • Green space: Green tiles mean your Pay days! Yes, pay days! Whenever you pass a PAY DAY space or land on one of these, collect your pay from the bank i.e. you receive your salary.
    • Orange space: There will be instructions mentioned on the orange spaces. Follow them.
    • Blue space: Blue spaces are optional. There will be instructions on the blue spaces also. Follow these instructions only if you want to.
    • Red Space: There are three kinds of red spaces: JOB SEARCH, GET MARRIED, and BUY A HOUSE. Even if you have moves left, you will have to STOP at the red space and follow the instructions. Then spin again and move ahead.
  • Other Spaces: These spaces are about activities, family, service, and good deeds. If you land on a LIFE tile space, then pick up one LIFE tile from the pile. If there are no tiles left, then take one from another player.
    • Career spaces: These spaces match with the career cards. If any player reaches this space and someone has this card, the player who landed on this space has to pay to that player. If you own the career card, then you pay nothing. If nobody has this card, then you pay to the bank. For example, if you land at Ski Accident space, then you pay $5000 to the player having the Doctor Career card.
    • Taxes Due spaces: This space belongs to the one having a career of the Accountant. If you land here, you pay to the Accountant. If you are the Accountant, you pay nothing, and if there is no Accountant, then you pay to the bank.
    • Buy a House space: It requires you to stop and purchase a house. Draw a card from the House Deeds pile and pay for your house. You will have to pay the full amount, even if you have to take loan from the bank.
    • Changing Career space: If you turn up on "You're Fired!" or "Mid-life Crisis" space, you will have to trade your Salary and Career cards for some other.
  • Night School space: You may change your career if you wish to do so when you arrive at this card.
  • If you arrive at other spaces, it may require you to Get Married, or start a family. When you arrive at these, add pegs to your car according to instructions. If you turn up at a Twins space, then you will have to add two pegs to your car. You can also take a LIFE tile at these spaces!
  • When you reach the end of the game i.e. the RETIRE space, you must stop even if you have some moves in hand.
  • You will have to repay all the loans to the bank.
  • Decide whether you want to retire at Millionaire Estates or Countryside Acres. If you think you are the richest player to retire, then you may choose to place your car on Millionaire Estates, otherwise Countryside Acres. Wait till the time other players have retired.
  • If you retire at Millionaire Estates, your LIFE tiles may not be safe i.e. if the pile runs out of tiles, the players can take the LIFE tile from you when they arrive at LIFE tile.
  • If you retire at Countryside Acres, you can collect one LIFE tile. The LIFE tiles with you are safe here. If the pile runs out of tiles, the players cannot take the LIFE tile from you.
Winning the Game of Life
  • Once all the players have retired, the players at Millionaire Estate have to count their money.
  • If you turn out to be the richest player, then you will receive four LIFE tiles. If it is a tie between two, then each player takes two tiles.
  • Every player has to turn over their LIFE tiles and add the dollar amounts. Now add the cash and LIFE tile values together.
  • The player with the highest amount wins the game! 
If you don't have this game, then go and get one now! Everyone enjoys this game because of the eccentric life-events they encounter on their way. And for children, it is a challenge to be managing a job, repaying loans, and handling a family.
Sometimes life is tough and doesn't go the way we want it to. Similar is the case with this Game of Life. You might not get the salary you desire or you might even end up with a car full of kids, but you should never give up, and must continue playing (living and enjoying). What's the fun if you don't have any ups and downs in life? It sure is a roller-coaster ride, but you should have fun in all the twists and turns. And remember - No cheating!