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Trick Questions Quiz

Trick Questions Quiz

Think you can solve these trick questions, and get away scot-free? Read the Plentifun article to find out whether you can solve these questions, or not.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2018
Trick questions are so much fun. You think that the answers are something, but in the end, it completely reveals another picture. Whenever you take any kind of riddles, quizzes, trivia, or brain teasers, it's important that you don't just think with a one-track mind. Many times, thinking outside the box actually works better. And that's what you need to keep in mind when you go over the questions mentioned below. So grab your thinking hats, a pen and a paper (if you'd like), and let's get going.

Tricky Questions and Answers

In this section, we will go over some fun, mind-boggling questions. Although the answers to these questions quiz are given right below them, please don't scroll over them before you have an answer ready. It won't be fun if you cheat and get the answers beforehand. Try these questions on your own first ,and then check to see if you got them right, or ...??

1. Do you know the capital of Cambodia? This isn't a trick question, but is slightly difficult.

2. Let's say you have 50 oranges and you pick up 5. Now tell me, how many oranges will there be?

3. Missy's dad had 6 children - Mandy, Mindy, Maddy, Misty, Macy. What was the 6th child's name?

4. In the forest, a tree falls to the ground. Unfortunately, there was no one to hear it make noise. Does that mean there was no noise produced?

5. Light as a feather but very tough to hold on to. It's so tough, that even a strong bodybuilder won't be able to hold it more than a minute or so. What is it?

6. In ancient Greece, what was the color of sky? Here's a little hint, it wasn't blue.

7. I was on my way out from a fair, I saw 8 jugglers that had 20 hats. There were 4 cats, 6 rats, 3 lions, 6 elephants, and 9 giraffes. They all were together. How many in all were inside the fair?

8. You went to visit a doctor and he/she gave you 5 pills. He/she asked you take 1 pill every 30 minutes. Now how many hours will it take you to consume all the pills?

9. Out of all the flags of the countries, which country had a flag with only 1 color?

10. Now imagine this. You're on a ship that's slowly sinking. There are 8 tiger sharks surrounding the ship, waiting for it to sink completely in the water. What will you do to survive?

11. T'was a windy day. On the roof, a rooster came and laid an egg. Because of the wind, where do you think that egg would roll down from?

12. Let's say you're walking halfway through the woods. How far do you think you can walk?

13. You want to purchase 3-cent stamps. You're at the post office and waiting in line for your turn. How many 3-cent stamps you will get in a dozen?

14. Where do you find Chinese gooseberries? China? Think again.

15. It's pouring cats and dogs outside and there's a man walking down the street. Neither does he have an umbrella nor does he have a hat to cover his head. Then why isn't his hair getting wet?

16. Have you ever seen a purple finch bird? What is the color of this bird?

17. Do you remember any of the history lessons? Do you know what is King George VI's first name?

18. Before Mt. Everest was discovered as the highest mountain in the world, which mountain was the highest?

19. You know that there is a black box in every commercial airplane. What color is it?

20. What is a Bombay Duck? I mean what creature is it? A duck, cow, bird?
These questions are not just for entertainment purposes. They help exercise your brain, keep you focused, and make you think from various perspectives. I hope these questions gave you something to think about.