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Brain Teaser Questions

Scroll through these twisty brain teaser questions to give you a whole bunch of queries that will have your mind in a jumble. Find out if you can crack the answers to these tricky questions...
Naomi Sarah
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Brain teasers are a fun way to get your mind thinking and dissecting the questions, to come up with an answer that is both sensible and fun to analyze. Here you get your lateral thinking put to the test where you have to jump over the traditional method of getting your mind to function, and come up with a different and all together smart approach.
So in this much-anticipated section of trick questions, you can have a go at these in class competitions to see who can guess the answers to these brain teasers, or include these riddles in an aptitude test to understand just how brainy a child or adult can be.
Brain Teasers with Answers
To be able to answer these questions you'd need to first pause and analyze the question, before coming up with an obvious answer that didn't require prolonged thinking. Take your time to answer these and you'll see that they aren't all that hard to piece out.
Questions Answers
If there are three people who are able to dig a single hole, how many would it have taken to dig half a hole? It isn't possible to dig half a hole, since any hole dug is a hole in itself.
A house has four walls that are each facing the south. A window is affixed into each, where at some point a bear passs by. What color is the bear? The bear is white in color since if all walls face the south, they are in the north pole, making the bear a polar bear.
When Moses made his way onto the ark, how many of each animal did he take with him? None. Noah was the one who took the animals onto the ark.
What is at the beginning of eternity, end of space and time, is the beginning to every end and the end to every place? The letter 'e'.
A man drank some spiked fruit punch at a party and then left later on, where others who drank the same punch died of food poisoning? How did the first guy not die? The poison was in the ice cubes which would gradually melt later, letting the man drink the punch when they were frozen.
What letter follows after these, O, T, T, F, F, S, S, E, __? N for nine.
How do your cousins all have one common aunt that isn't yours? She's your mother.
Which word when pronounced right is wrong but if pronounced wrong is right? Wrong
How many apples would you have with you if you took two apples from three apples? Two apples
What ends with a 'w' but has no end? A rainbow
What can make its way down a chimney but not travel upwards in a chimney back up? An umbrella
What piece of technology expects a question and not an answer? A telephone
What is black and white, black and white, black and white? A penguin rolling down a slope.
Sam is a butcher who's 6 feet tall. What does he weigh? Meat

These brain teasers are a great way to get those wheels of thought turning with a twist and turn every way you look at it. There are tons of fun trick questions and brain teasers that you can sit down and have yourself and others figure out. It's a nice way to get everyone involved and thinking about an answer that may seem clear but isn't quite what you expected once you discover the answer.
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