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Water Balloon Games That are Extremely Enjoyable

Parashar Joshi Nov 18, 2018
Water balloon games are legendary, and are enjoyed by people of all ages. Here are some interesting ideas for your party, which will ensure that you and your guests have a great time.
I've never lost a water balloon fight. I'm the Michael Jordan of water balloon fights.
- Michael Jackson
"Hey! What was that?"
"Jamie! You loser!"
"Wait till I get my hands on y..*SPLAT*
"Okay buddy! You asked for it! Watch out!"
In case you still haven't figured out what that *splat!* scene was, that was a water balloon fight between Jamie, his dad, and twenty other guests at Jamie's water balloon birthday party. Yes, those very water balloon parties that you used to love as a kid. It's funny how insanely boring adult life can be at times, isn't it?
Well, here's an idea to cheer you up- Why don't you, step aside from that white-collared life of yours, and invite all your friends to enjoy some wacky water balloon party games? After all, no matter how old we grow, there's always a child inside us, right? On that note, here are some really entertaining water balloon games for people of all age groups.

Fun with Water Balloons

Before we move on to any sort of games, wear some old clothes while playing them. Don't be stupid to spoil your new tux!
Also, to enjoy these games, it is better that you use a packet of specially designed water balloons instead of the regular rubber latex ones. Water balloons are available a dime a dozen, so you shouldn't have any problem buying them.

Water Balloon War

■ Use a water balloon launcher for this one, which is nothing but an over-sized and enhanced slingshot. Typically, three people are required to operate it―two to hold each end of the slingshot, and the third to launch the balloon. This launcher can be used in plenty of games.
■ You can divide your guests into two teams or 'armies'. Both armies should face each other at a distance of around 40-50 m. Give a war cry and launch away!
Fix some dummy 'targets' on your backyard wall. Stand back at a far-enough distance and take turns in shooting down those targets. The one who hits the most targets wins!

Play Rambo

■ This is your chance to become a real-life action hero, albeit a water balloon one. Get hold of a few water balloon cannons and distribute them among yourselves. These cannons are mostly 'guns' made out of plastic, and work by means of a spring action.
■ Load your bazookas with your watery grenades and fire away! These cannons can be great fun for all, and especially at bachelor and bachelorette parties, which is where you can give them a naughty little twist. Remember those American Pie movies?

Shield and Throw

■ If the movie Gladiator got you all worked up about swords and shields, you'll definitely love this one. There's a minor change though. We substitute balloons for swords, and garbage bin lids for shields. Get out onto the battlefield for some balloon-to-balloon combat!

Hula Hoop

■ Ask someone to stand at a distance of 20 m and hold a hula hoop vertically. Take turns at trying to throw the water balloons through the hula hoop. You can later increase the difficulty level by introducing blindfolds too.

Toss the Egg

■ Fill up a large-sized water balloon till it is almost as big as a dinosaur egg. Form a circle and toss this 'egg' around in a circle until somebody drops it. The person who drops it can be asked to sing, dance, mimic or even tell a joke. You can combine this with 'truth or dare' to make it even more entertaining.

Play Dodge

■ Once again, form a big circle and ask someone to stand in the center of it. The objective for those forming the circle is to hit the fellow at the center with a water balloon, while his is to dodge them and avoid getting hit. Set a countdown timer of around 2 minutes or so to make the game even more exciting.
Games that involve plenty of water balloons are great for kids' parties, teen parties, and many theme parties. Moreover, they go a long way in making your party a grand success. Enjoy the fun! (Splat!)